Wednesday, April 18, 2012

KOMO News Seattle Reports on the New 100% Rye Whiskey Just Released by Woodinville Whiskey Co.

Anticipation!  The 100% Rye Whiskey has been bottled and is now available to fans of Woodinville Whiskey Co.  KOMO News reported on the day's release where whiskey lovers lined up the night before and camped in line for the 7am launch.  Thank you to Gary and the weekend news editors for covering the news.

HGTV Recognizes the Living Wall at The Coterie Room in Seattle as a Major Design Trend

The design gurus at HGTV reported on "modern traditions" in design, citing the vertical garden wall inside the dining room at Chefs McCracken and Tough's Seattle restaurant The Coterie Room.  Thank you Robert DiGiacomo of HGTV for including The Coterie Room (and Solterra Systems) in your design feature which can be read online here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Forbes Puts Woodinville Whiskey Co on Its List of Top Ten Whiskey Distilleries to Head Out and Discover First Hand

Planning your summer vacation?  Congratulations to Woodinville Whiskey for making it onto this Forbes list of distilleries to hit in the USA.  The editors combed through hundereds of spots and picked these ten they say not to miss if you are a whiskey lover.  Road trip!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Chefs McCracken & Tough Make Seattle Magazine's List of Leaders in the "Food Establishment" of Seattle

As two of the City's most "powerful players" they're described as: "Brian McCracken and Dana Tough. Chefs/owners.  Est.: 2008, when they opened Spur Gastropub. Because: In four short years, the chef duo has dabbled in molecular gastronomy (at Spur) and brought Seattle one of its finest speakeasy-inspired craft cocktail bars: Tavern Law. New projects: This year, they took over the corner that housed Restaurant ZoĆ« for 12 years to open The Coterie Room, where gussied-up comfort food and carefully prepared classic cocktails rule. Employees: 72.".

Thank you Seattle magazine.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Healthy Habits? Plastic Surgery Practice Features Dr. Richard Baxter

“10 Things”, a great new feature in PSP’s April issue reveals the top ten things you should know about Richard Baxter, M.D. including his professional mantra, his healthiest habit and which cosmetic procedures he performs least often (and why). Click here to read the full story.

Thanks to Denise Mann, PSP’s editor for taking the time to interview Dr Baxter.