Monday, December 29, 2008

Nip and Tuck meets Northwest Natural: Dr. Baxter in the Spotlight

The economy may be sagging but this local cosmetic surgeon’s stock is rising, just in time for Christmas.

The Puget Sound Business Journal featured cosmetic surgeon and chief medical officer of Calidora, Richard Baxter, in their December 19th -25th issue in the Spotlight.

Dr. Baxter’s new appointments to both the Emerging Trends Committee of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and to the Editorial Advisory Board of Healthy Aging magazine make him the go-to guy for anti-aging and rejuvenation technologies and products.

Thanks to Bonnie Graves with the PSBJ!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Shopping Network Blows Through Rosanna Product During Her Live Appearance

The Puget Sound Business Journal's Patti Payne recently splashed Rosanna Bowles lovely pic across her pages, following the tableware designer's most recent appearance on HSN. And once again, Patti was the one to break the news.

Rosanna became the first Seattleite to be featured on HSN’s “12 Days of Christmas” TV special and Patti helped capture the moment in her column in the PSBJ on December 12th with a gorgeous photo of Rosanna on HSN’s set in Florida.

Patti wrote, “Rosanna, on the air. Rosanna Bowles keeps scoring hits with shoppers on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Bowles, who owns Rosanna Inc., an international tableware business she started in her Montlake bungalow in Seattle more than two decades ago, was featured selling her teapot-and-cup sets as one of HSN’s 12 days of Christmas sales push. This product is part of a 20-foot container full of Christmas creations that Bowles shipped to HSN earlier in the year.”

Thanks Patti for all you do.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tagliatelle at Spur Cited as One of 2008's BEST DISHES by Providence Cicero

Seattle Times restaurant critic Providence Cicero showcased Spur Gastropub's delish tagliatelle with duck egg as one of the top dishes of the year. Cicero wrote, "The duck egg that nestled among fresh tagliatelle at the Belltown gastro pub Spur was cooked sous vide; one prick sent rich orange yolk cascading into the arms of Parmesan and oyster mushroom foam."

PHOTO CREDIT Don Ruiz, The Seattle Times

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rosanna's Product Featured by the Associated Press, ABC News and More as a Top 10 Gift of the Holidays

What could be better than the Associated Press selecting your product to feature in their socially-conscious holiday gift guide? Well, how about having that story picked up across the nation with the story and photos running everywhere across the country... including ABC News?


Our holidays were certainly off to a great start when Jennifer Forker agreed to include Rosanna Bowles' Mondo collection in her "Gifts That Give Back" story. Rosanna's globally-inspired collection benefits Doctors Without Borders, the organization bringing emergency care to areas hit hard by epidemics. To see this colelction, and more, visit

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Big Time

Patti Payne wrote about Margo's recent art show in New York in this week's Puget Sound Business Journal. A gorgeous color photo, shown here, ran with Payne's "Behind the Scenes" column which read:

"Seattle’s Margo Spellman still gets a little weak in the knees thinking about her quite successful gallery showing in New York in late September. Spellman, daughter of former Washington Gov. John Spellman, and sister of Kat Spellman, with whom she co-owns public relations firm The Spellman Company, is an artist in her spare time, painting under the guidance of a teacher from Colorado for 10 years. When the opportunity opened for her to show at the established Gallery Montserrat in the Big Apple, she prepared for almost two years, crated up 10 stretched canvas /acrylic paintings, and sent them to New York.

She asked her husband, Bryan Tagas, with Sterling Bank, to fly back with her for moral support.
Turns out she really needed it, because, she says, “My timing couldn’t have been worse. We were there when the Lehman Brothers thing happened, and WaMu’s collapse hit that night.” But people came, and the gallery owner said it was the best such turnout she’d ever had. “Your work is vibrant, emotional and powerful,” she told Spellman.

Friends like Seattle’s Art Mazzola, as well as high school buddies of hers and Kat’s, joined over 100 folks there. Her parents could not go, “but they are wonderfully supportive now. At first they had trouble dealing with (her art) because my work deals with issues of infertility and such. But now they are totally on board, and I got the sweetest email from Dad.”

Her paintings will hang at the gallery for at least a year. Spellman says other galleries are now vying for her work. And she did get a good review in the September/October issue of the esoteric Gallery and Studio magazine. “And I am still in shock,” she says."

Photo Caption: BIG APPLE MOMENT: Margo Spellman had a memorable opening for her artwork at Gallery Monteserrat in New York

Thanks Patti and Margo, we're all so proud!