Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Luxury Spot Spots Feathers

Holiday party looming?  Consider accessories. In this story the Luxury Spot’s Elizabeth Mitchell goes for boho chic with Plume’s design your own clip in feather hair extensions or a knock-out pair of Plume’s new feather earrings.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What’s A Body to Do?

Dr. Richard Baxter dishes with The Daily on the hottest trend in elective cosmetic procedures: non-invasive body contouring.

Monday, December 12, 2011

1183 Interpretation by Washington State Liquor Control Board Halts Woodinville Whiskey Co's Sales to Bars until March 1st KIRO Radio's Josh Kerns Reports

...Add to that a huge tax hike per bottle too (nearly 30%) and local distillers could very well be put out of business.  Thank you to KIRO's Ursula Reutin and Josh Kearns for this story on how the board's interpretations of 1183 are impacting the "little guys". 

Until things shake out, head over to Woodinville and buy your bourbon, American whiskey plus Peabody vodka and Headlong Whitedog direct from our friends the makers.  http://www.woodinvillewhiskeyco.com/  The tasting room is open daily.  Show your support.  We appreciate it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

50 Best Bars in America? Chefs McCracken & Toughs' Tavern Law on the List

photo by Kristin Zwiers for McCracken Tough
Love that Tavern Law was given the nod by Food & Wine magazine in the just-released BEST 5O BARS IN THE US list.  Thank you to Food & Wine.  Now plan your travels accordingly by reading about all fifty.

New Beauty Scoop on LipoSonix

Recently approved by the FDA, LipoSonix new non-invasive body contouring device uses high intensity ultrasound to blast belly fat. Dr. Richard Baxter shares the latest with New Beauty.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Wall Street Journal Picks Woodinville Whiskey Co Age Your Own Whiskey Kit as One of the Season's Hottest Gifts

Good morning Wall Street Journal.  Your top 50 holiday gift list looks divine. 
And why thank you for including a gift from our friends over at Woodinville Whiskey Co. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Plume Feather Hair Extensions Tapped by Yahoo in Holiday Fashion Story

Great to see that PlumeIt.com was included in a holiday fashion story on what-to-wear this season.  Yahoo gave nod to this made in the USA accessory in the story written by Tricia Chaves.  The design-your-own tool has been a huge success with women since its launch the other week.  Congrats to Plume and thank you to Tricia.  http://www.plumeit.com/

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seattle Met Magazine Gets Plumed: Plume Feather Hair Extensions Hit the Tresses of Fashion Writer

Seattle Met’s intrepid fashion writer Allie Oosta hits the Bowie Salon in the name of fashion. Her mission? Get “plumed” with Plume’s made in the USA feather hair extensions. Her choice for everyday wear? An array of subtly light colors that highlight the hair without harming it. For fun? Plume’s new clip in/clip out PlumeSnap in shades of purple. Not a fan of purple? You can design your very own PlumeSnap using Plume’s online design tool. (Personally, we’re loving the green grizzlies right now.)

Thanks Allie for the great coverage!

Friday, November 11, 2011

November's Men's Health Magazine Touts Spur in Seattle as One of the Top 20 Best Bars in America

So excited that Chef Dana Tough and Brian McCracken's Spur was given honors in The 20 Best Bars in America.  The magazine wrote:


At this avante-garde gastropub, the chefs use local ingredients only-- and drinks aren't exempt. In summers, Spur serves mixers made from scratch-- come winter, cocktails are dosed with housemade bitters.

We've been honored to work with the Chefs and are so proud of their success.  Now head on down to Spur which has valet parking for $8 on Friday and Saturday nights in front of neighboring property The Coterie Room. (Corner of 2nd and Blanchard in Seattle.)

Set Your Alarm on November 19 if You Want a Bottle (or Two)- writes Allecia Vermillion for Seattle Met Mag. Woodinville Whiskey Co. to Release its First Aged Spirits

Thanks to Allecia for the great Sauced story on Woodinville Whiskey Co.'s, release of "a pair of limited edition whiskeys, one of which they say is the largest bourbon release in the state since Prohibition."

She writes about the upcoming release, "The distillery will open at 7am on release day, and don’t be surprised if you see scores of whiskey aficionados lining up early in the morning. Each person can purchase two bottles, which go for $40 apiece. Right now the operation is in the midst of the bottling process; Sorensen says they will have between 3,000 and 5,000 bottles of each style to sell.

Both whiskeys were aged for up to two years in 5- to 8-gallon barrels. These are significantly smaller than the 53-gallon barrels that larger operations use; exposing the whiskey to more barrel surface area helps accelerate aging and deepen the flavor.
You’ll recall that Sorensen and fellow founder Brett Carlile have benefited from some big-name tutelage from David Pickerell, former master distiller for Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Pickerell will be hanging out in the tasting room on release day. It’s not weird at all to ask him to sign your bottles. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Early next year, the distillery will start releasing its core offerings of aged whiskeys, a Mash Bill No. 9 bourbon and a 100 percent rye whiskey."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best Holiday Gifts? Seattleite Says Umbrellas and Whiskey, of Course!

Thanks to Seattletite for including Woodinville Whiskey Co.'s new Harvest Releases in their round up of amazing holiday gift ideas.  Katie McEntee writes, "Go local and support your local entrepreneurs! Seattle is distinguished by successful homegrown businesses — and many of them have just what you need for the holiday season...  Impress the liquor connoisseurs with this hot holiday gift. Woodinville Whiskey Co.’s inaugural Harvest Release introduces two limited edition American whiskeys. The Harvest Bourbon is characterized as flavorful and balanced, while the Harvest American whiskey is smooth and approachable. Mark your calendars and get ‘em while they last, because only 8,000 bottles will be made available. Woodinville Whiskey Co. $39.95 (750ml) Available Nov. 19"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Seattle Met Magazine Writes on The Coterie Room's Poutine

Photo of Poutine at The Coterie Room by Seattle Food Geek.

Thanks to Chris Werner for the write-up (http://bit.ly/r0SAGf ) on Chef McCracken and Tough's Poutine at The Coterie Room: 

"Word from a trusty source says the kitchen at the Coterie Room is whipping up the best, most precise plate this city’s seen for some time. Curious, I called chef-owners Brian McCracken and Dana Tough to learn more about it. Here, they break down their newfangled approach.

The fries-- They’re of the steak variety (larger, they allow optimal mopping of gravy without losing heft). They’re blanched and cooked a bit longer so as to stay crisper, then tossed in chives, salt, rosemary, and oil—lending “an herbaceous note to the potato.”

The gravy-- this, say McT, is the clincher. The sauce is rich with pork trotter and braised pork shoulder, and reduced to a consistency so exact it took them a week to perfect. (They wanted to ensure it coated the fries evenly rather than just sit on top.) “It’s almost like a demi-glace.”

The cheese-- Beecher’s. Breaded then fried and lightly salted. The result: a crispy outside, gooey inside.

The dressing-- An assortment of herbs and spices, lemon juice, oil, and salt and pepper makes for an herby and fragrant finish. They say the freshness helps nullify that uh-oh gut bomb sensation one often experiences post-poutine."

The restaurant is open for dinner beginning at 4pm and keeping the doors open late. Reservations plus valet makes this a great weekend destination: M U S T   H A V E   P O U T I N E.

Thank you again Seattle Met.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food & Wine Magazine Is Aging Whiskey: Woodinville Whiskey Co. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit is on the Counter

Many thanks to Morgan for the "Mouthing Off" story in today's Food & Wine magazine.

Morgan writes, on week one's aging, "Whenever I tell people that I’m from Kentucky, the response is always, “Whiskey or horses?”—not altogether an unfair question. (It’s horses, by the way.) Generally, American whiskey doesn’t stray too far from the Kentucky-Tennessee border. That’s why, when I opened a package from Woodinville Whiskey Company, I was doubly mystified. Not only had they sent a Washington State whiskey, but a Washington State age-your-own whiskey kit, complete with two bottles of unaged whiskey, an adorable miniature barrel and a funnel. Curious, I decided to give it a go and I’ll be reporting on any changes over the next few weeks."

So looking forward to hearing more about how the aging goes.

Thanks Chelsea, Megan and Morgan of Food & Wine magazine for the great story on our client Woodinville Whiskey Co. (www.woodinvillewhiskeyco.com). The article may be read online here: http://bit.ly/rgHWjY

Friday, September 30, 2011

Woodinville Whiskey Co.'s Age Your Own Whiskey Kit: Milan Magazine

The Italian magazine Essen writes, "It's almost October-- you’re already late. It’s the right time to settle down and age your whiskey at home, just to be ready for Christmas, when you’ll serve it wondering what could be the best name for your handcraft(ed) Bourbon."

Click on blog title above to read the article (in Italian or English).

And to order a kit from Woodinville Whiskey Co., hit.

Photo of whiskey... day one and day sixty... courtesy of Woodinville Whiskey Co.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seattle Magazine Showcases Plume in Seattle Scene: Plume Feather Hair Extensions

You may have spotted Plume’s feather hair extensions in the editorial pages of this month’s Vogue worn by Glee’s Dianna Argon who also was “Plumed” by stylist Monet Moon for Glee’s summer tour.

Plume’s gorgeous new fashion accessory also was seen during Fashion First’s recent show benefiting Rise ‘N Shine. Seattle Magazine’s "Seattle Scene" takes note of Plume’s CEO Bennett Bottorff and Fashion/Creative Director Piper Foster (Pluming her long brunette locks in blue) toasting Fashion First and Plume’s first big Seattle fashion debut.

Thanks to Team Photogenic and Duell for capturing the evening for all of us to enjoy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Plume Feather Hair Extensions on the Runway

Feather hair extensions for fall/winter fashion. Can't wait for Plume's pink version benefiting Keep a Breast in October.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

425 Magazine Says: “Get Glowing” (Anti Aging Tips from Dr. Baxter)

Caffeine? Check. Berries? Check. A dash of tumeric?

The July/August issue of 425 Magazine features easy tips from anti-aging and beauty expert Dr. Richard Baxter about how to get great skin.

Thank you 425 for the terrific feature.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Strike a Pose: Plume Feather Hair Extensions Hit the Pages of Vogue

Seattle's own hits the pages of Vogue. These feather hair extensions by our client Plume have been popping up in the tresses of tons of the fashion forward around the nation!

Seattle Stair: Huge Feature in September Issue of Seattle Business Magazine

A little Seattle company with wide reach was of interest to Seattle Business editor Leslie Helm who assigned the talented writer Michael Hood to the feature story on "The Master Stair Builder", Shawn Christman.

"A fierce devotion to modern craftsmanship and classical technique keeps one Seattle company several steps ahead", Hood writes.

To read more about the designs and projects (including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a Hawaii residence coyly referred to as the OW Ranch) click blog title above.

Thank you Seattle Business magazine for the article on our client.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dr. Baxter Tapped by Tyra on Topic of Firming

Tyra Bank's website, Type F, ran a story on firming things up as far as our skin. Client Dr. Richard Baxter was the lead paragraph with his thoughts: "Having incredible skin can make anyone look radiant and beautiful. However, since women go through so much in their lifetime, sooner or later the skin begins to lose its firmness. Chief Medical Officer of Calidora Skin Clinics, Dr. Richard Baxter says that skin loses its firmness because collagen, or the building block protein that connective tissues are made of, breaks down as women age. Lots of sun exposure can also be a culprit in not having firm skin."

Click blog title above to read the whole article. Thank you to writer Violet Kanian.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Woodinville Whiskey Co. Gets Punchy: Headlong White Dog Whiskey in an Iced Tea Punch

We are loving our collaboration with new clients, Orlin and Brett of Woodinville Whiskey Co. Take a look at how Kathy Casey showcases their Headlong White Dog Whiskey by clicking blog title above to watch the video plus get the recipe.

Learn more about the distillery at www.woodinvillewhiskeyco.com

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Hot Restauranteurs McCracken & Tough" as Reported by Seattleite

Such a great interview with Chefs Dana Tough and Brian McCracken of Spur, Tavern Law and the soon-to-open The Coterie Room. "Trendsetting and trailblazing — these nightlife kings are a force to be reckoned with. During the day, Seattle is a bustling city filled with tech gurus, entrepreneur extraordinaires and bohemian artists. When the sun sets on the Seattle skyline and the moon rises, the city comes to life and Seattle’s true style and sophistication is unveiled. If anyone can represent the Seattle style scene, it’s chefs Dana Tough and Brian McCracken. With their buoyant enthusiasm and a passion for New American cuisine, this trendsetting and artistic culinary duo have created the hottest fine-dining-bar hybrids in Seattle."

Thanks to Seattleite for featuring the talented duo in your Dynamic Seattleites column. Click blog title above to read the entire story. It's a good one.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chefs McCracken and Tough to Open Third Establishment: Nancy Leson Reports

Click on blog title above to read Leson's story for the Seattle Times about the Chefs' new restaurant opening this fall: The Coterie Room. We're so excited and honored to be a part of the team. Thank you Chefs and thank you Nancy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wevers Works Could Win Over Whimmers- Seattle Times Reports

We're thrilled with Michael Upchurch's wonderful preview (read it here: http://bit.ly/ja4lfS) of Olivier Wever's "dazzling new dance troupe" Whim W'Him in the Seattle Times. If you've never seen them perform head to www.BrownPaperTickets.com to grab the remaining seats for the Friday and Saturday shows at 8 pm at Intiman Theatre. Thanks Michael for the "small" preview. An understatement for sure. We were wowed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

KIRO's Ursula Reutin Interviews the Bullied Trio Behind IndieFlix's Finding Kind Film

KIRO's Ursula Reutin interviewed the filmmakers and IndieFlix founder behind the powerful film on bullying "Finding Kind". Click blog title above to read (and hear) Reutin's story.

"When 11 and 12 year old girls from Issaquah were accused of cyberstalking a classmate on facebook, it made national headlines.. But if you ask any middle or high schooler today, girl bullying is a huge, vicious problem that's been going on for ages. AS KIRO'S URSULA REUTIN REPORTS...a documentary being screened this week at the Seattle International Film Festival is tackling the issue..in hopes of finally bringing change."

Seattle Times Reports on IndieFlix Film on Bullying- Finding Kind

Reporter Nancy Bartley joined Margo at Nathan Hale yesterday for the IndieFlix screening of the film Finding Kind. Click blog title above to read today's Seattle Times article which read in part, "After the film screening Tuesday at Nathan Hale, students could fill out apology cards to someone they've bullied. Students could also write cards telling of their own experiences as victims. Sharing the cards was optional.

Student Chloe Trosper, 16, said the film made her "think about how words can be used to help or hurt people."

"It was really, really well done," said another student. "The message was important."

Teacher Jessica Torvik noted that the film was very well received."

Photo at Nathan Hale screening by Greg Gilbert, Seattle Times

Everett Herald Covers IndieFlix Film FINDING KIND

Click on blog title above to read article which read in part, "As students left, they were handed cards on which they could write a "Kind Pledge" or a "Kind Apology," either to keep to themselves or to give to someone.

At North Middle School, Principal Kelly Shepherd said follow-up discussions are happening in classrooms. "Even at lunch today, I saw several of the 'Kind Apologies,' from one student to another. It's part of a bigger campaign around our school to foster a climate of respect," she said.

"It was a very realistic picture of what is happening. Certainly as a principal, and to all my eighth-graders, it's not like it was shocking. It's really realistic," Shepherd added.

Bullying is nothing new. What's new are the tools of what the film calls "emotional warfare.""

Monday, May 23, 2011

NBC’s KING5 New Day Features IndieFlix Film “Finding Kind” on Bullies

What a great story and a great cause— stopping school girl bullies and healing the wounds through kindness. That’s why we were so pleased that Margaret Larson had Scilla Andreen, CEO of IndieFlix and the two young first time filmmakers Lauren Parsekian and Molly Stroud onto New Day to chat about how they have channeled their bullying experiences into launching “Finding Kind”-- playing tonight at SIFF and being discussed at area schools. Click blog title above to view the KING5 TV appearance. To schedule a screening for your local school or community group visit http://findingkind.indieflix.com

A special thanks to Margaret Larson and KING5 producer Kate. We so appreciate all the effort that went into such a great segment.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seattle Magazine Reveals IndieFlix “Box O’Shorts”

Thanks to Seattle mag for the coverage in this month's issue on our client IndieFlix's fun game: FILM FESTIVAL IN A BOX. If you find the crowds at SIFF daunting, Seattle Magazine suggests the IndieFlix Film Festival in a Box interactive movie game that lets you create a film festival in your own living room or backyard. Pop some corn, make a pitcher of margaritas and invite the neighbors over to watch four short movies and decide on the winner. Expect debate and perhaps a little arm-twisting. Click blog title to read the whole story.

Beware of the Wrap: Dr. Richard Baxter’s Advice in Daily Glow

Read Daily Glow lately? There's a great story that includes our client Dr. Baxter as an expert. He says a wrap may be great for pampering (as anyone who’s been to Two Bunch Palms can tell you) but forget it for eliminating cellulite. Seattle’s top plastic surgeon and anti-aging expert says wraps are bunk. Read the entire story by clicking above.

Thanks to Jen Worrick for interviewing Dr. Baxter about beauty treatments.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Video Review of Spur in Seattle on the New IntheMo

Take a gander- Spur Chef/Owners Brian McCracken and Dana Tough with a video article narrated by Spur's wonderful Anne Magoon. Thank you inthemo for a great story!

For dinner reservations , head over to SpurSeattle.com.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GALTime Article Toasts Wine for Health

Whether a home-grown red, or one from Oregon or France, client Dr. Richard Baxter says drinking your daily glass of red wine with meals can help keep you look young and healthy. Read the article by clicking above. And cheers!

Just in Time for the Oscars: Seattleite Chats With IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen

Seattleite took a look at our client Scilla Andreen and loved what she has to offer: movies for the time-crunched curated by this Seattle native with award-winning roots in Hollywood. Film Festival in a Box creator and CEO of IndieFlix Scilla Andreen wants film fans to have a film festival in their living rooms. So if Cannes isn’t in your future, Seattleite reports, this is the ticket.

Thanks Seatteite, we’re so excited to have you on the scene covering our hometown. Click above to read full story.

Spur Chefs in Bon Appetit magazine this month

The May issue of Bon Appetit magazine has a Good Health story on DIY Healthy Sodas, featuring Spur and Tavern Law Chef/Owners Brian McCracken and Dana Tough.

Meryl Rothstein wrote, "FIZZ ED: Ripe fruit and a carafe of soda water; that's all you need to can your canned soda habit once and for all. At Spur in Seattle, where chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough change their menu according to what's growing at nearby farms, serving soda from a bar gun wasn't going to cut it. Like so many chefs across the country who are embracing all things D.I.Y. they started making sodas with the same seaosnal ingredients that go into their dishes. Not only are the results more food-friendly (McCracken and Tough pair their house-made Cucumber, Mint, and Basil Soda with saddle of lamb and English peas), they're also organic and corn-syrup free. "We use ingredients that we go bonkers for," Tough says. "Then we don't have to do much to them to make a good product.""

The story showcases a gorgeous photo of Tough and McCracken's soda by Gentl & Hyers and goes on to include the recipe along with one from Graham Elliott, Contigo in the Bay area, and Gruner.

Thank you Bon Appetit magazine and Meryl.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interior Décor by Seattle’s Master Staircase Craftsmen in Seattleite

Ah, the grand staircase--think Scarlett O’Hara, Gene Kelly dancing on the stairs of the Paris Opera, and of course Shirley Temple in The Little Colonel. Fast forward a few decades to the award-winning staircases created by Seattle Stair & Design featured in Seattleite’s home and design section this month. Wood, metal, and glass may be their materials, but really sometimes their artful genius seems like pure magic. Click title above to enjoy the full story. Thanks Brad Nehring for the great article.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seattle Magazine Reveals IndieFlix “Box O’Shorts”

Thanks to Seattle mag for the coverage on our client IndieFlix's fun game: FILM FESTIVAL IN A BOX. They wrote, "Find the crowds at SIFF daunting? Seattle Magazine has the scoop for those who prefer not to scramble for their seats. IndieFlix Film Festival in a Box interactive movie game lets you create a film festival in your own living room or backyard. Pop some corn, make a pitcher of margaritas and invite the neighbors over to watch four short movies and decide on the winner. Expect debate and perhaps a little arm-twisting."
Click blog title to read the whole story!

Monday, April 18, 2011

News in the Puget Sound Business Journal: Ballet Bounding-Wevers Whimming

Patti Payne gets the scoop on what’s going on behind the scenes at Pacific Northwest Ballet with 8 out of 48 dancers departing at the end of the season, or earlier in the case of Olivier Wevers, Principal Dancer whose last performance is Sunday’s matinee of Midsummer Night’s Dream.
In her column Friday, Patti notes that departing dancers include much-lauded principals Ariana Lallone, Jeffrey Stanton, Stanko Milov and Olivier Wevers, soloists Chalnessa Eames and corps de ballet members Stacy Lowenberg, Josh Spell and Barry Kerollis, making this one of the biggest exits of dancers in the history of the company.
“Wevers, who now directs his own Seattle-based dance company, Whim W’Him, says, “I simply wasn’t cast as much as I used to be and some roles have been humiliating for me to do. I didn’t want to be the dancer on the bench. When roles started disappearing on me, I jumped and started my own company. I’m taking a huge pay cut to do this.”
Whim W’Him, which blends modern and ballet dance, has been getting rave reviews from critics and sold-out crowds. As Intiman’s new resident dance company and with such donors as James and Sherry Raisbeck, and Jolene McCaw, it will launch on the international scene later this month.
The end of a season and the end of careers is full of emotion, that’s for sure. Good luck to each and every one of the retiring dancers and congrats Olivier for exiting with honesty and grace.
Thanks Patti for covering the story. To read the full column click here:
photo by Angela Sterling.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seattle Met’s Culture Fiend Bids Farewell to a Prince

Laura Dannen dishes on the imminent departure of PNB Principal dancer Olivier Wevers who will be concluding his 22 year dance career April 17th to devote full time to Whim W’Him, his successful two year old dance company which makes its international debut later in April.
Thanks Laura!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr. Baxter Goes Futuristic in Next Month's Allure Magazine

Fast forward to beauty treatments in the future with this article in the March Allure magazine where our client Dr. Richard Baxter's tapped as a futuristic beauty expert. Fun story!

New Line of Bedding that Bed Bugs and Hot Flashes Hate: Mulberry West on NBC's San Antonio Living News Today

Mulberry West is launching a line of bedding that bed bugs hate and sleepers love. Its natural silk properties regulate a body's temperature, whether one runs hot or cold, plus there's something in it called Sericin that bed bugs really disdain (and that's inhospitable to dust mites too). Top it all off by a pure white hue that's so, so soft (nestled in 300 count cotton).

Take a look at our first media hit by clicking on blog title above: nearly five minutes on the Mulberry West collection from fabulous shop owner Cathy Haffner of Giorgio Gifts.

Thank you Cathy and WOAI TV! www.mulberrywest.net

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FOOD & WINE Magazine Picks Chefs McCracken and Tough for The People's Best New Chef Battle

Best New Chef? Indeed. If you've tasted their food, you know it- so go vote.

First they scored a spot for Spur on FOOD & WINE's coveted Go List then Conde Nast Traveler's global Hot List... followed by the nod from Gayot who named them in the Top 5 Rising Chefs in the nation. Top that by their cocktail spot Tavern Law making the top 5 secret hot spots in the world by Worth mag this month, and the Top 25 Bars by GQ Magazine in October...

We're so proud of Spur and Tavern Law Chef/Owners Dana Tough and Brian McCracken for their nomination as The People's Best New Chef. Voting takes place now through March 1st and we're depending on all supporters and friends of The Spellman Company to VOTE McCRACKEN TOUGH in the Northwest category of the award.

Thanks for showing these Chefs the love. You know we love a good, scrappy campaign. It's in our blood.

Click Blog Title above to VOTE.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tavern Law's Secret Spot Makes Worth Mag's List of the World's Top Ten (secret) Spots

The other month writer Claire Willett with Worth magazine was working on a round-up of the world's best secret hideaways for outstanding service, drinks and cuisine... plus a memorable experience for the night. And now the February / March issue has hit newstands. What a huge honor to have Chef/Owners' Brian McCracken and Dana Tough's private upstairs of Tavern Law lauded as one of the world's very best. Worth's readers are discerning high net individuals who will take this as a guide on where to visit next.

Thank you to Claire who wrote, “Walt Disney holed away with Hollywood bigwigs at Club 33. Parisian cinephiles built a cinema beneath the Trocadéro. International artists create forever hidden work in abandoned New York subway tunnels. Man’s fascination with the clandestine is strong. Today, secret places are more likely to be luxe and exclusive than dangerous or debauched. The following 10 have the additional bonus—and challenge—of being rather difficult to find. Something hidden this way lies..."

From London to South America, Sydney to Hong Kong, and straight to us here in Seattle— check out this great story on where to travel around the globe for a bit of hidden pleasure.

Photo of Nathan Weber by Bob Peterson.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Give a Little “smooch” to Someone You Love: Glassybaby Donating 10% of “smooch” Sales to Seattle Children’s This Month

We love February— between Valentine’s Day, our parent’s anniversary, Margo’s birthday and President’s Day it’s one big love fest. That’s why we’re thrilled to spread more love: in February glassbaby is donating 10% of their “smooch” glass votives sales to Seattle Children’s Family Resource Center. This quiet place is where families with precious ones being cared for at Children’s go for sleep, support, necessities, information and a little TLC.

The Spellman Company helped develop this wonderful promotion to honor and celebrate the brief life of Margo’s great-niece Charlotte Sutphen (aka “Cha Cha”) who passed away last fall. Cha Cha, her amazing mom Angie, and the rest of their luminous family spent far too many days and nights at Children’s over the course of her nine years.

We are truly blessed by such beautiful courageous souls and can’t think of a better way to share our love than with a little “smooch”

Click blog title above to read Angie's story about Cha Cha-- and visit here http://bit.ly/i2YPne to purchase your very own “smooch”.

A big “smooch” to glassbaby’s Valerie for collaborating with us to help support Seattle Children’s and to Zoe Hoffman for the fabulous photo.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fresh/Now: Better Homes and Gardens magazine “Says Host a Mini Film Festival” with our Client’s New Game

If you haven't yet seen the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens (circulation a mere 7.6 million) do grab a copy and take a gander at “Things to Do This Month” on page 20. If you can't stand the wait, here's what they say:

"GOOD FUN. No need to wait for the Oscars on February 27th when you can have your own movie awards. Play "Film Festival in a Box": Watch four short films, then vote for your favorites. $15; indieflix.com"

8 DVD games are currently available with new games being released in April.

Thank you Better Homes & Gardens.