Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seattle Times Reports on IndieFlix Film on Bullying- Finding Kind

Reporter Nancy Bartley joined Margo at Nathan Hale yesterday for the IndieFlix screening of the film Finding Kind. Click blog title above to read today's Seattle Times article which read in part, "After the film screening Tuesday at Nathan Hale, students could fill out apology cards to someone they've bullied. Students could also write cards telling of their own experiences as victims. Sharing the cards was optional.

Student Chloe Trosper, 16, said the film made her "think about how words can be used to help or hurt people."

"It was really, really well done," said another student. "The message was important."

Teacher Jessica Torvik noted that the film was very well received."

Photo at Nathan Hale screening by Greg Gilbert, Seattle Times

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