Friday, January 28, 2011

Fresh/Now: Better Homes and Gardens magazine “Says Host a Mini Film Festival” with our Client’s New Game

If you haven't yet seen the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens (circulation a mere 7.6 million) do grab a copy and take a gander at “Things to Do This Month” on page 20. If you can't stand the wait, here's what they say:

"GOOD FUN. No need to wait for the Oscars on February 27th when you can have your own movie awards. Play "Film Festival in a Box": Watch four short films, then vote for your favorites. $15;"

8 DVD games are currently available with new games being released in April.

Thank you Better Homes & Gardens.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Great Ink for Spur: Wall Street Journal on January 22 Showcases Marley's Cocktail in Terrific Article

Love, love, love it when talent's recognized, not to mention splashed across the pages of the Wall Street Journal's terrific new Off Duty section with 2.061+ million readers! Chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough's Spur Gastropub here in Seattle is in an article on low alcohol libations by Kevin Suntumuang (who many will remember from his days at GQ magazine). Three cocktails "from some of America's best bartenders" are showcased with a breathtaking, mouth watering photo by F. Martin Ramin. Chicago and San Francisco have the other two bartenders with drinks lauded too, while Spur's own lovely and talented Marley Tomic-Beard has her Marylebone High cocktail looking elegant with a jauntily graphic sage garnish.

Congratulatons to Marley and Chef/Owners Dana and Brian- with a thank you to Mr. Suntumuang and Spur's Anne Magoon for this. We're thrilled. Cheers everyone!

Click blog title above to read the whole piece and get the recipe for making yours at home. (Or just come by Spur and have Marley make you one. They're, as Kevin calls them, "a cross between a Pimm's Cup and a mojito" where "the sage and lime play nicely off the liqueur's distinctive sweetness.")

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mulberry West is a New Natural Bedding Line of Cotton Blankets & Comforters Filled with Top Line Mulberry Silk

Thrilled to be collaborating with my former in-house marketing cohort at Starbucks, Lana Abrams, to help her launch her new product line of bedding called Mulberry West. Lana's taken years to find the absolute best mulberry-grade silk to fill her blankets and comforters.
(None of that smelly low grade silk here-- we're talking gorgeous silk threads nestled inside 300 count cotton. What's the big deal? The silk is naturally dust, mildew and pest resistant ((take THAT bed bugs!!)) plus naturally regulates body temperatures for warm and cold climates, hot flashes from menopause, or swingin' hormones caused by pregnancy. And because it's a naturally woven fiber that makes a soft netting of cush inside the blankets and duvets, it doesn't shift around like goose down does.)

Click on blog title above to view the Mulberry West website and do head on over to friend us on Facebook and Twitter.
Stay tuned to hear: (1) who we secure as our first retail accounts (and send ideas my way) (2) plus to watch a pretty cool video of those nasty little bed bugs facing some of our bedding. Spoiler alert: you may never be able to sleep with down again.
Thanks for the opportunity Lana!
Photo by Kristin Zwiers.

Friday, January 14, 2011

IndieFlix Makes the News: KOMO 4 News, ABC Seattle

Three minutes of airtime for IndieFlix founder Scilla Andreen went by in a flash as she chatted with KOMO 4 News at 4 anchor Mary Nam about IndieFlix new party game for movie lovers, Film Festival in a Box.

Special thanks to wonderful KOMO reporter Elisa Jaffe for championing local small business and Madison Parker IndieFlix, and to KOMO producer/writer Jacci Lewis for the fine segment.