Monday, April 22, 2013

The Shred Stop Story in The Herald Business Journal: Investing in Forest Restoration

Ah, Earth Day!  Amy Watkins wrote this great piece on Pacific Northwest company, The Shred Stop, and their support for the work the National Forest Foundation is doing in the Methow area: "Stephen Hershman believes it’s time for his young company to give something back.  Three years have passed since his document-shredding business, The Shred Stop, installed a prototype kiosk in Haggen’s Top Food and Drug in Edmonds. Since then, Hershman, 35, and his business partner, Keith Rettig, 45, have added 17 more in-grocery kiosks to Fred Meyer, Haggen, Safeway and Top Food & Drug stores in Washington and Oregon. Another four kiosks are scheduled this summer to go in Safeway stores in San Francisco.

With business going strong, The Shred Stop partnered with the National Forest Foundation to help restore 120 acres of forest... One dollar per every 10 pounds of paper shredded goes to the foundation’s Treasured Landscapes conservation campaign site in the Pacific Northwest: The “Majestic Methow” in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. The project includes wilderness and backcountry habitat restoration, forest restoration and invasive plant removal. Trail restoration and maintenance to support sustainable recreational use as well as wildlife enhancement such as beaver reintroduction and wolverine monitoring are also part of the project.

A few different ideas for the partnership were discussed before a decision to support the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest project was made, said Kathleen Dowd-Gailey, Pacific Northwest regional director for the National Forest Foundation. The donations from The Shred Stop will go toward some invasive species removal and forest restoration work and will be matched by the Forest Service, she said.

An environmental focus has been part of The Shred Stop since its beginning. All of the shredded paper is recycled and repurposed. The kiosks themselves are over 99 percent recyclable and built using LED lighting and ultra-efficient electronics.

“I really like the idea of doing forest restoration because not only does it meet our personal environmental appetites but we’ve also dovetailed it well into our business,” Hershman said. “Not only are we recycling paper but a portion of what you’re paying is going to plant new trees and restore forests.”

Thanks to Kurt Badorf and Amy of the Business Journal for the article.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chefs McCracken and Tough on KING 5's Evening Magazine with Meeghan Black Talking Salmon

KING 5 stopped by SPUR this week after we touched base with them about Chef McCracken and Tough's salmon being showcased in Cooking Light magazine.  To try the recipe the Chefs prepared for Meeghan Black to enjoy, click here.

Thank you Meeghan and crew for stopping by!

Friday, April 12, 2013

What's on Pages 17 and 18 of the May Cooking Light Magazine? Chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough Talk Salmon and Share Some Secrets for the Salmon Crostini at Spur That's Earned a Cult Following

Senior Food Editor Tim Cebula interviewed Chefs McCracken and Tough for a Cooking Light First Bites feature.  And what shouts "May is here" in Seattle? Salmon.

We were so excited to see the magazine when it hit Margo's mailbox this week.  Two entire pages detailing the Seattle Chefs' Salmon Crostini... and including an at-home, McCracken and Tough-inspired version of the SPUR menu favorite.

Thank you to Cooking Light magazine,congratulations to Brian and Dana, and-- hey everyone-- do visit Spur soon to try this delicious bite yourself in case you missed it at Thursday's Voracious event.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Seattle Based India Tree Spice Company Shares Gorgeous Ideas for Spring Cupcakes

For a sweet spin on Spring, India Tree has fun in the kitchen− making colored sugars, sprinkles, liquid colors and decoratifs, including the India Tree Nature’s Colors collection of vegetable-based decorating products available nationally. 

Writer Molly Smith, at She Knows and All Parenting, just did a story on spring cupcakes. India Tree's lemon nudged treat was included, topped with a tiny shortbread cookie which India Tree founder Gretchen Goehrend suggests keeping on hand in the freezer to top cakes and cupcakes.  Delicious and pretty.

The cupcake, frosting and shortbread recipes are all available online at plus on the India Tree website.

Thank you to Molly for the story, which can be read here.