Friday, June 4, 2010

Seattle Picks Sneaks in a Visit to Tavern Law

Thanks to Seattle City Picks for doing a nice little write-up on Tavern Law today. (Note to all who'd like to sneak upstairs- advance reservations are typically a must as this private room's open limited nights (and hours)).

The story reads "Roaring Twenties: We might have been flappers in another life—dancing all night with a glass of champagne and a long string of pearls, while wearing a fringed dress. It calls to us—so much more than “this life” scenarios of frizzy hair and a soggy fleece—especially in May.

Tavern Law might have given us a way to recreate some of that speakeasy feel. On a tip from a friend, we picked up the unmarked phone in the corner and inquired if they had room upstairs for two. We’re buzzed inside and discover a dimly lit hidey-hole of velvet settees, wavy old mirrors and unfinished wood floors that make us forget our less-than-glamorous attire. You won’t find a cocktail list—instead the bartender asks the flavors we prefer and whips up something different every time. On this particular evening, we sipped a smoothly blended concoction of gin, egg whites, lavender and sweet and sour.

The only thing missing was a long cigarette holder to twirl between our fingertips. And of course, that fringed dress and string of pearls.

Tavern Law
1406 12th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quack: A University of Oregon Grad Like our Grandad

Our father's dad (pictured here in the hat) was a Duck football player, coach plus UW Husky coach. My mother-in-law Caroline Dickey was a proud Duck too and our client Rosanna, another card-carrying Duck, makes dishes. The UO's alumni magazine talks about Rosanna Bowles today saying,

"Rosanna Bowles ’79 Company Garners Global Appeal- Accomplished designer Rosanna Bowles ’79 is an Oregon native and lives part time in Gearhart, OR. Rosanna started her successful dishware company in the Pacific Northwest in 1982 and since then has racked-up awards and honors, plus seen her dishes carried and covered around the globe, everywhere from the gift shop at Buckingham Palace to Oprah's "O List.”

This Spring Rosanna has her first book coming out with the New York publishing house ABRAMS who publishes best sellers by foodies like Alton Brown and Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney. Hitting shelves this week, Rosanna's Coming Home is a guide to recapturing and reestablishing soulful life experiences that to often have faded from our world. Rosanna's sharing an inspiring compilation of recipes, tips, experiences, and life lessons that highlight the beauty and significance of tradition and ritual.

Former UO President Dave Frohnmayer weighs in….

“This elegant book invites the reader to explore new ways to create family traditions. I was immediately taken with the creative photography, wonderful recipes, and the focus on family occasions that will become more lasting traditions when carefully nurtured through Rosanna’s advice. This is an immensely practical book with a wonderfully poetic feel.” Dave Frohnmayer"

Thanks UO.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 Tips for a Healthier Summer Tips from Haffner & Hutchinson

Hip Hip Hooray! Haffner & Hutchinson’s tips are on in a great little slide show that illustrates a few quick tips for a healthier summer. Our life is Better Because of Health, without a doubt!

View the slide show at