Friday, June 4, 2010

Seattle Picks Sneaks in a Visit to Tavern Law

Thanks to Seattle City Picks for doing a nice little write-up on Tavern Law today. (Note to all who'd like to sneak upstairs- advance reservations are typically a must as this private room's open limited nights (and hours)).

The story reads "Roaring Twenties: We might have been flappers in another life—dancing all night with a glass of champagne and a long string of pearls, while wearing a fringed dress. It calls to us—so much more than “this life” scenarios of frizzy hair and a soggy fleece—especially in May.

Tavern Law might have given us a way to recreate some of that speakeasy feel. On a tip from a friend, we picked up the unmarked phone in the corner and inquired if they had room upstairs for two. We’re buzzed inside and discover a dimly lit hidey-hole of velvet settees, wavy old mirrors and unfinished wood floors that make us forget our less-than-glamorous attire. You won’t find a cocktail list—instead the bartender asks the flavors we prefer and whips up something different every time. On this particular evening, we sipped a smoothly blended concoction of gin, egg whites, lavender and sweet and sour.

The only thing missing was a long cigarette holder to twirl between our fingertips. And of course, that fringed dress and string of pearls.

Tavern Law
1406 12th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122

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