Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hanna Raskin of the Seattle Weekly Creates Her List of Ten Best Drink Menus in Seattle. Tavern Law Included.

photo by Kristin Zwiers
The menu is "encyclopedic" as Providence Cicero once wrote.  And the bartenders are "bookish" about their work.  End result?  One of the very best drink menus in the country and the world according to many. 

And now Tavern Law has made it onto the Seattle Weekly's Top Ten in the city list: "Tavern Law makes a point of searching out old, dead, lost, and forgotten mixed drinks and bringing them back to life in as close to their original incarnations as possible, sourcing all manner of super-artisan or ridiculously small-batch liquors and mixers and making everything else from scratch. The resulting drinks are not only some of the best you've ever tasted, but inarguable proof that dedicated, bookish bartenders can be just as creative and artistic as the greatest chefs out there. And also that your great-grandma really knew how to party."

With the sidewalk patio now open, it's an excellent time to go try a new drink on Seattle's Capitol Hill.  Congrats to the team at Tavern Law.  And thank you Ms. Raskin.

Woodinville Whiskey Co. Mashbill No. 9 Bourbon Arrives This Saturday: Read More in These Stories

Thanks to AJ Rathbun for his story: "On the 19th of May, those fine folks at the Woodinville Whiskey Company are releasing their “Mash Bill No.9” bourbon at noon on the old fashioned dot. They’re gonna have sandwiches, good cheer, and hopefully some whiskey songs sung in the round. But most of the all, it’s bourbon on a “get it while you can” availability, so, well, get it while you can. If you need more to grab you, you’re probably a bit daffy. But I’m here to help all, so as one final enticement, a quote from owner Brett Carlile (who owns along with Orlin Sorensen): “As we narrowed down our final selection, one had just the right combination of corn, rye and malted barley — and that’s how ‘Mash Bill No. 9’ was born; it was our ninth recipe.” Yeah, boy."

Seattle Met magazine gave some advance buzz of the "the unveiling of its signature bourbon whiskey, Mash Bill No. 9. – the newest addition to the company’s microbarreled collection" too. (Thank you Allecia!) 

Saturday at noon folks.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seattle Times and Seattleite Preview Whim W’Him

The hottest ticket in town this weekend? The premiere of Whim W’him’s “Approaching Ecstasy” promises to be a contemporary dance blockbuster with 40 vocalists and 5 instrumentalists performing together on-stage with Whim W’him’s 7 dancers at Intiman Theatre Friday through Sunday. If you missed Sunday’s Seattle Times, click here to read what Michael Upchurch had to say, or check out Seattleite’s “Culture Dose”. Tickets are available at while they last.

Rehearsal Photo: