Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cyclists Love Coffee. Bicycle Times Magazine Editor Reviews Bonavita's Coffee Brewing Method in the June Issue

Thank you to Maurice of Bicycle Times mag for showing Bonavita's Porcelain Immersion Dripper some love with your unsolicited, rave review of the product.  Good news for folks who are curious about this simple brew method that makes an amazing cup of coffee (or tea). Bed Bath & Beyond just started carrying it too, along with tons of other retailers nationally.

Friday, May 30, 2014

New Way to Brew Tea: Bonavita Porcelain Immersion Dripper Recognized for Innovation

Traditionally Used for Coffee, New Invention Nominated for World Tea Expo Award

Seattle, WA    For years tea-drinkers have steeped their tea using traditional methods, many centuries-old.  Borrowing from coffee culture, some tea experts have recently begun experimenting with improved ways to brew and extract the flavors of tea.  A breakout new method centers on the Bonavita® Porcelain Immersion Dripper which has been nominated for a New Product Award by the World Tea Expo.

Beginning in June the Bonavita Porcelain Immersion Dripper will be available at 120 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and via the Bed Bath & Beyond website.

Cooking Light magazine recently reviewed the Porcelain Immersion Dripper, writing,Bonavita’s Porcelain Immersion Dripper is a pour-over meets French press situation.  Lock the base over a mug, and gently pour in your preheated hot water (recommended: 200 degrees F) through the kettle’s slender gooseneck spout.  Let (it) steep for a few minutes as you would for an immersion brewer, then draw back the lever and release the results...  Full flavor and simple to prepare… you get the best of both worlds.”

This brew method allows precise control of the water to tea/coffee contact time, much like a French Press, but with the added benefit of filtration to produce a “cleaner” cup.  Its porcelain construction is great for durability and heat retention during brewing up to 16 oz. of tea or coffee.  (Bonavita Porcelain Immersion Dripper 29130 MSRP $39.99.)  The brewer is excellent for brewing teas for serving chilled and on ice as well.

Bonavita’s innovative, inspired kitchen products are carried internationally including in the United States by boutique shops such as Seattle Coffee Gear, plus larger retailers including Chef’s Catalog, Starbucks, Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma. 

Bonavita, an Espresso Supply Inc. brand, is based in Seattle.  Espresso Supply Inc. has been a leader in the specialty coffee industry for 21 years.  With the Bonavita collection they have expanded into a new category of home electronics and equipment for the kitchen.