Monday, June 29, 2009

Client Dr. Baxter Weighs-In on “Everything Bad That’s Good for You” with Elle magazine

We’re proud that Elle magazine turned to our client Dr. Richard Baxter as an expert for their “Everything Bad is Good for You” article on vices that are actually beneficial. Talk about an interesting topic. As a leading source on the connections between wine and healthy living and aging, Baxter was the perfect doc for this story. (He has a book coming out on the subject shortly, in fact, (Age Gets Better with Wine) so make sure and get on the wait list for an advanced copy at his website. After being mentioned by Elle mag, who knows if this first print run will run out quickly!

In the Elle article, Jeryl Brunner wrote, “In Vino Veritas: We don’t have to convince you of wine’s pesky social side effects—you can check your text-message outbox for unsettling evidence of last night’s debauchery. But when it comes to various health benefits, oenophiles are in luck. “The resveratrol found in wine is a powerful antioxidant that is stronger than antioxidant vitamins,” says Richard Baxter, MD, a physician and author of Age Gets Better with Wine, out this summer. And in The Red Wine Diet, scientist Roger Corder reveals that certain red wines, especially from southwest France, are more beneficial for living a longer, healthy life. Wines made from the tannat grape there have the highest levels of procyanidins (responsible for keeping blood vessels clear and preventing heart disease) than any another wine in the world.“

To read the entire article which delves into other vices like tapping into adrenaline, video games, lack of sleep and more visit at

Friday, June 26, 2009

Halter Hotties Score a Seattle Times "Mind the Shop" feature

Love it! Alison Brownrigg wrote about our client in today's NWSource shopping feature saying, "Halter Hotties reworks vintage scarves into smoking hot halter tops". She writes: "I see great vintage scarves at thrift stores all the time, but I hesitate to buy them because I find it challenging to work them into my wardrobe. It’s either tie them around my neck or wear them as a headscarf and I’ve failed to rock either look successfully. Luckily, I’ve recently stumbled on another way to wear them that requires very little work on my part.

Local designer Kim Alexander of Halter Hotties, takes classic silk scarves and transforms them into halter tops with iconic silhouettes. These tops are so smoking hot, I can image Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield wearing one. Some of them are actually very conservative and demure, perfect for the Audrey Hepburn type.

Ranging in price from $149 to $219, the halters come in five styles inspired by sexy, feminine vixens of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Choose between high necklines with decorative ruffles or daring v-necks, either way, these unique tops will unleash your inner beauty queen.
You can send her one of your own vintage scarves for a custom-made top, or choose from her inventory of handcrafted options.

Halter Hotties are available online and at Fini, the excellent accessories store at the Inn at the Market.

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Thanks Allison!

Photo from Halter Hotties

Thursday, June 25, 2009

sweet shoes at sweet prices: hit the Shoebilee sale in Tukwila starting Saturday

Recessionista Brides and Party Girls: Got the dress, but can’t afford the shoes? Don't say we didn't tell you! Check out the fabulous “Shoebilee” sale this weekend at All About Weddings. Bring your bridal party or your bff’s to snag some great shoes straight off the pages of In Style mag and more. 50-75% off sale shoes, and 20% off all regular priced shoes. Prices range from $15 - $45 for sale shoes originally priced at $150 and up!

When: Saturday-Sunday, June 27-28
June 27: 10-6pm
June 28: 12-5pm

Where: The All About Weddings shop (weddings stuff, fine papers and more)
235 Strander Blvd. #100
Tukwila, WA 98188
(Southcenter: across from The Cheesecake Factory)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Spur honored on the Best New Restaurants of the Year List by Conde Nast Traveler

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We’re thrilled that Spur, with Chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough, has made it onto the coveted Hot List of Conde Nast Traveler magazine. What’s this list? “Each year, our team of voracious eaters sets off, fork in hand, to search out the world's most exciting new restaurants—as always, traveling anonymously and paying for every last bite of foie gras. Countless courses later, we discovered there's something for every taste and budget—from bargain prix fixes in Paris to blowout feasts in Dubai.”

Of Spur, the editors write: “Helmed by two 20-something chefs, Spur is both playful and and ambitious. Homemade tagliatelle, served with a duck egg cooked sous vide, is topped with oyster mushroom and Parmesan foam; a smoked potato soup arrives in six different pieces. Between the highbrow menu and the location at the nexus of hip Belltown, you'd expect a bit more swagger. But the sleek space is a gastropub through and through. Whiskey is the liquor of choice, with some 90 varieties behind the bar. Tip: There's a convivial happy hour with $5 cocktails and $3 snacks—think boar pot pie (entrĂ©es, $9–$24).”

A whiskey toast is in order tonight.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spur team’s new spot to open this summer included in New York Times food section article today

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We’re thrilled that William Grimes included Brian McCracken and Dana Tough’s new Prohibition era bar, Tavern Law, in his "Bar? What Bar?" New York Times article on speakeasy-style establishments today. Slated to open in the next month, Tavern Law’s kiddy corner from my old alma mater Seattle U on the corner of 12th and Madison in the Trace Lofts building. (We used to call it the Bekins building.) I haven’t seen the hard copy yet, but Margo tells me it’s front of the food section and above the fold. Thanks Mr. Grimes!
Keep up to date on Tavern Law at our blog