Thursday, December 27, 2012

The News Tribune: "Tacoma Kindergarteners Learn, Pray and Play in Two Languages" Article on Holy Rosary's Academia Juan Diego

We're very excited about Debbie Cafazzo's story on Pierce County's bilingual school! 

"During morning circle time, students recite the days of the week and count off each date on the calendar. Hands over hearts, they pledge allegiance to the flag. And – at this Catholic school – they kneel in prayer to start their day.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, they do it all in Spanish. Tuesdays and Thursdays, the same routine happens in English.

And that’s just the start for these 26 kids, who are part of the school’s new two-way language immersion program called Academia Juan Diego.
The Academia launched this fall for preschool and kindergarten students. But Holy Rosary Principal Tim Uhl said the goal is to grow the program a year at a time so that by 2020, students in the entire school, through grade eight, will be receiving the same kind of language instruction."

Teacher Amparo Farias says, "You have to find creative ways (to teach),” she said. She sometimes records a song in Spanish on her home answering machine, then assigns kids and parents to call up and listen for homework.

One frequently asked question concerns the wisdom of instructing children in two languages. Doesn’t that confuse kids?

Farias said research has shown that developing a second language is easier for younger children, whose brains are primed to soak up language cues.

“They’re not embarrassed to make mistakes,” she said.

The ability is there, she believes. “You just have to tap into it.”

Read the entire article here plus watch some video the Tribune has posted of the students as well:
  Thank you to Debbie, Dr. Uhl and the team!   Photo by Peter Halley for The News Tribune.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Rebekah Denns's Eat All About It Announces News About India Tree's Tellicherry Pepper Honor from Bon Appetit Magazine

Thank you to James Beard-winning reporter Rebekah Denn for covering this news in her column about Gretchen Goehrend's India Tree company getting major props from Adam Rapoport and his editors at the culinary mag. 

The Seattle Times story include's India Tree's recipe for the simple 5-ingredient Tuk Merik Cambodian dipping sauce. Can't wait to try it.

Learn more about our delicious client India Tree here and do take a moment to come visit the new Facebook page as well.

Friday, November 2, 2012

"Kitsch Sells" Reports Jeanne Lang Jones in the Puget Sound Business Journal Story on A Crowded Coop Who Just Announced Deal to Launch a Dickies Pet and Equestrian Line

From left, Mary Olson and Brandy Tanner, partners at Crowded Coop in Monroe, have a window between their offices so they can talk to each other while they work. Olson is holding a Blooming Bath, used when giving babies baths in the sink. Blooming Bath brought its product to Crowded Coop, which handles manufacturing as well as working on the packaging design and testing. Photo by Marcus Donner.
This article on Brandy Tanner and Mary Olson of A Crowded Coop takes a close look at how they've grown their business with a lot of laughs along the way.  With licensing deals with Valve Software (Crowded Coop makes a ton of cool Dota 2 and Portal 2 stuff) and now Dickies (these two women are leading the way in Dickies' new product categories for pets and horses), Olson and Tanner are two Washington women to watch.

The article reads in part, "Crowded Coop partners Mary Olson and Brandy Tanner create and sell a wide range of products — everything from kitschy ’70s-themed scratch ‘n sniff stickers to hoodies for gamers and, soon, pet products for working dogs.

A consumer product specialist firm, Crowded Coop develops products both under its own Kitsch on the Rocks label and as a licensee of other companies. Under their licensing agreements, Olson and Tanner create products and handle manufacturing and distribution for partner companies, paying a fee for use of the partner’s brand and intellectual property.

For example, Olson and Tanner have dreamed up dozens of products for Valve Software, a Kirkland gaming company. There are ... lunchboxes and messenger bags featuring characters from such games as “Steam” and “Team Fortress 2,” and a string of lights based on cubes used in “Portal,” another Valve game. Under its global license, Crowded Coop can sell Valve-branded products all over the world.

“It’s a hard code to crack. How to make a product and get it on store shelves is a mystery to most people,” said Olson. “People have great ideas, but they don’t know how to execute them from a production standpoint.”

Olson and Tanner do. They met as colleagues in the consumer products division of a local company. Olson was in sales; Tanner was in graphic design. The two women enjoyed working together and felt they could strike a better balance between home and work if they stepped out on their own."

Thank you to Jeanne Lang Jones for the in-depth story on these creative leaders.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vampire Marketing: KOMO 4 News Features Dr. Richard Baxter

Just in time for Halloween and the release of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, KOMO 4 TV’s Connie Thompson tackles the “Vampire Facelift”. Not everyone is sold on this trendy new cosmetic procedure which combines a dermal filler such as Juvederm or Restylane and PRP-platelet rich plasma- injection using the patient’s own blood. Interviewed on the topic was Seattle’s board-certified plastic surgeon Richard Baxter M.D. always on top of the trends in cosmetic medicine and a member of the Emerging Trends Committee of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).  His take on the “Vampire Facelift”? Click here to find out:

Client A Crowded Coop Announces Deal with the World's Biggest Workwear Line Dickies: This New Line of Pet Product Will be Made by a Washington State Company

Brandy and Mary, co-founders of A Crowded Coop based in Monroe, WA, love their dogs and horses.  It's just a part of who they are.  This makes their new licensing agreement with Dickies even sweeter, because it falls right into their personal passions for pets.  Congratulations to the Crowded Coop team on this big news.  Can't wait to see Hunter modeling the new collection come Spring.


Fort Worth, Texas (November 1, 2012) – Dickies®, the global leader in innovative performance work wear, today announced a new licensing agreement with A Crowded Coop to manufacture, market and distribute Dickies®-branded dog and equine apparel, equipment and accessories in the US. This most recent addition to Dickies’ extensive portfolio of licensees expands the legendary work wear brand’s ability to deliver a broad spectrum of licensed goods to consumers.

Products under the pet accessory license will include durable and reinforced dog leashes, collars, harnesses, beds, toys, and vests and equine halters, blankets, and leads. This is in addition to the company’s existing stable of licensees across work wear and work-inspired lines such as men’s, women’s, juniors and kids apparel; bags, footwear, belts, socks, medical wear, headwear and sunglasses.

“We continue to sign important and strategic licenses to answer the needs and desires of our diverse, hard-working consumer base, adding companies that produce high-quality, innovative products synonymous with the Dickies® brand,” said Michael Penn, vice president of licensing for Dickies. “A Crowded Coop lives and breathes in the working dog and equine world. We look forward to incorporating the Dickies brand DNA into enhanced products for this industry.”

“We can think of no more appropriate brand for a working dog or horse than Dickies,” said Mary Olson, co-founder with Brandy Tanner of A Crowded Coop. Tanner adds, “The Dickies brand is the premier work wear brand in the world and we felt that this brand with their value, durability and heritage was a perfect fit for products intended for a worker’s main companion, and a worker in their own right.”

Design and production of Dickies-branded dog apparel and accessories will begin immediately, with marketing and distribution expected in Spring 2013. The equine collection will follow in Spring 2014.

About Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co.
Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. is the world’s leading provider of authentic work apparel, specializing in innovative performance work wear since 1922. The company offers premium quality products at an unmatched value across a vast assortment of apparel, footwear, and licensed goods in more than 100 countries. Williamson-Dickie operates through wholly-owned affiliates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, Japan and the Middle East; exclusive licensees and distributors in Africa and the Asia Pacific region; and under the Dickies®, Workrite®, Kodiak® and Terra® brands. For more information, visit

About A Crowded Coop
A Crowded Coop is a Pacific Northwest-based marketer and creator of consumer products released globally. Their product design satisfies consumers in the categories of apparel, accessories, toys and more. In 2010 Olson and Tanner formed A Crowded Coop which serves clients such as Valve Software with its Portal 2 game. More info is at

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Veterinary Practice Urban Animal Talks Pet Safety for Halloween on KIRO

Dr. Cherri Trusheim of the new Urban Animal veterinary practice ( on Seattle's Capitol Hill was on air this afternoon talking dogs and Halloween costumes.  KIRO Anchor Ursula Reutin tapped the doc for her tips on what to avoid on Halloween night.  Dr. Trusheim's two cents?  Dogs don't really want to be dressed up but if you've got to do it, make sure they are comfortable and can see.  Pretty common sense really. 

Dolly Parton costume not recommended.  Cone of Shame may be a good addition however.

Thank you to KIRO for this story!

Handmade Tile Festival This Weekend

Have we ever told you how much we love helping local artists and arts organizations? Here’s a great example. The organizers of the 7th Annual Handmade Tile Festival came to us to help shake things up a bit and spread the word about their show and sale. We’ve had such fun supporting Artisan Tile Northwest and the 30 talented artists who will be showing their work this weekend at the Center for Urban Horticulture near University Village. Friday night’s juried show is being judged by Seattle author and KUOW weekly guest Marty Wingate, Charles Price and Glenn Withey from Dunn Gardens and ceramic artist George Rodriquez. Saturday features sales, demos, presentations, door prizes and new this year: Seattle’s Own “Antique Tile Roadshow”. Bring in photos of historic tiles in your home and experts with the Tile Heritage Foundation will identify the tile-maker. Think your fireplace has old Batchelder or other classic tiles? This is your chance to find out.  

KIRO Radio's Seattle Morning Show News Anchor Covers Pet Spending: Interviews Urban Animal and Den Haus

This story by KIRO's morning news anchor Ursala Reutin ran today on pet spending. The story with interviews with Sarah Pierce of Den Haus and Dr. Trusheim reports, in part:

"Dr. Cherri Trusheim is the veterinarian and owner of Urban Animal, which just opened on Capitol Hill. She says she's also guilty of spoiling her dogs. "We have two dogs at home that I know, any stuffed toy I buy, they will kill it. And they will do it quickly and de-stuff it and pull out the squeaker. But I'll still come home with a $10 stuffy even though I know it will only last five minutes," Trusheim says. Vet bills are one of the reasons spending on pets is soaring but she says one of their goals at Urban Animal ( is to offer clients a range of services to meet their budget.

She thinks as society has become more "connected" with iPhones and Blackberries, we've become disconnected from people, and we're putting more emotion, energy and money into our four-legged friends.
"It's easier than having a human companion, in many ways, but we are starting to tip the scale a little bit because our dogs don't understand that kind of relationship. They're a dog and the happiest dogs are the ones that know they're a dog," she says.

The most recent census figures show that Seattle has about 140,000 dogs, compared with just over 93,000 kids."

Thank you to Ursula and KIRO for this story.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Seattle BRA Day Dazzles for a Cause

The first Seattle BRA Day drew a glamorous crowd- many wearing festive bustiers- for an evening of tango and wine to raise awareness about breast reconstruction options for breast cancer patients.  Hosted by Washington Wines Festival and Seattle’s Dr. Richard Baxter, who developed a new technique for breast reconstruction and is an expert in the field of breast surgery, the Seattle BRA Day Soiree also garnered great coverage in the Seattle Times in Nicole Brodeur’s  "Names in Bold" weekly column.  Thanks Nicole for helping us spread the word about this important issue. To learn more about breast reconstruction options click here.

Photo: Wine World & Spirits

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Documenting the Work of a NW Social Service Agency and Its Clients

photo by Kristin Zwiers.
 In recent weeks we've visited day shelters for the homeless and transitional housing for families working their way out of homelessness.  We've been privileged to meet women with strength and goals... and the kids who are benefiting from their determination, grit and grace.  It's amazing to be involved in capturing their stories.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Creative Team at Crowded Coop Gets Cozy: Beer Cozy Selling Online at Urban Outfitters

We're excited to be collaborating with A Crowded Coop... a clever team of pros with a Monroe, WA headquarters tucked behind the funky Modern Mercantile storefront on Main Street.  The store and its artful displays of "collective of unexpected" merch is a good indication of the kind of fun products this Northwest company creates and produces.

Back in their secret Bat Cave of offices behind the store is where A Crowded Coop’s product design takes place.  Their creations satisfy consumers globally in the categories of toys/pop-culture, pet products, baby products and more. Since 1998 principals Mary Olson and Brandy Tanner have been responsible for over 28 million custom products hitting retail shelves all over the world. In 2010 Olson and Tanner formed A Crowded Coop which serves clients such as Valve Software with its Portal 2 game.  

This month A Crowded Coop's Beer Sweater was picked by the buying team of Urban Outfitters.  Retailing there nationally for $10 it has a simple message.  I©Beer. 

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sunday Seattle Times Features Mulberry West's Bedding in a Story: "Silk-filled Comforter a Functional Luxury"

Photo by Kristin Zwiers. Styled by Janna Lufkin.
Thanks to Ali Brownrigg-Roth for today's story on the eco-comfy comforters by fellow Starbucks alum Lana Abrams of Mulberry West. Touted for its natural anti-allergy attributes, and ability to regulate a body's temp (whether hot or cold), Lana's line is selling swiftly at Bellevue's The Sleep Store and at Bedrooms & More in Wallingford.  With national accounts as well, we're thrilled to see this NW brand taking off!  Thank you to Ali and check out the Mulberry West line here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Three-Dozen Artists Featured in Annual Madison Park Art Walk

A new tradition in Madison Park brings local businesses and neighbors together to highlight the work of local artists. Thanks Madison Park Times Vera Chan-Pool for the front-page story!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Interior Designer Sarah Littlefield: the Genius of Junk

photo of Salt & Straw by bright designlab
 So excited to read this write-up of designer/picker Sarah who has done the design for Salt & Straw ice cream shops along with a SUPER cool upcoming collaboration we're working on with her plus Hammer & Hand. If you don't know Hammer & Hand, you should.  Their blog is great-- their work?  Even better. 

And Sarah?  Well we just loved reading this article on her.  She's a true talent.  Want to learn more about her after reading the story? Check out her stuff at Seattle Junk Love.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Video Game Dota 2’s The International Competition in Seattle. Shh! Northwest Company A Crowded Coop Fills the Shelves with Coveted Product

Hee haw.  Dota 2 Donkey Courier.  Pre-order now for November.
This week Pacific Northwest-based game maker Valve Software is holding a major gaming competition at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall. Under the Chihuly glass of the hall’s foyer the marketer and creator of consumer products, A Crowded Coop, is rolling out a huge line of Dota 2 product in the competition’s Secret Shop. A Crowded Coop is an official global licensee of Valve Software.

Noble Press’s Damian Estrada immediately reported on it in his article “The International! Take my money! The Dota 2 swag we deserve!” Estrada wrote, “At this year’s Dota 2 International, Valve has decided to release some very impressive items. Coming out ahead of schedule via the Dota 2 sub Reddit, I bring to you “The swag you’ll probably want to buy”.”

A Crowded Coop created Dota 2 scarves, leather wristbands, bags, necklaces, cell phone charms, wallets, key chains and more. “We even had the opportunity to outfit The International Competition teams who came to Seattle from around the word with custom backpacks with their team logos,” says Mary Olson, A Crowded Coop co-founder.

“We had a lot of fun testing the inflatable Dota 2 axe we produced too,” says Coop’s co-founder Brandy Tanner. “Valve’s imagination and incredible in-game artwork allows us to flex our creative muscles when it comes to product, which is a great way to make a living.”

A Crowded Coop’s product design satisfies consumers globally in the categories of toys/pop-culture, pet products, baby products and more. Since 1998 principals Mary Olson and Brandy Tanner have been responsible for over 28 million custom products hitting retail shelves all over the world. In 2010 Olson and Tanner formed A Crowded Coop which serves clients such as Valve Software with its Portal 2 game. More info is at

Valve is the creator of best-selling game franchises (such as Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Team Fortress) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Affording the Classroom of the Future": an Article in THE Journal with Excellent Insights from Juan Diego Academy at Holy Rosary School Tacoma's Principal Dr. Uhl

Report on Education.  Do take a moment to read this article on how schools are changing and improving the learning experience by utilizing technology... plus learn how they can finance the upgrades needed. 

Dr. Timothy Uhl, the principal of Juan Diego Academy at one of our state's oldest schools, Holy Rosary in Tacoma, WA, did a terrific job in this interview with THE Journal Magazine.  He talks about grouping students in pods instead of rows, and how to attract grants to fund basic tech needs. At a school that will be starting a two way immersion program for incoming Kindergarteners this Fall (all subjects taught in both Spanish and English) this is clearly a school to watch.

The article reads in part: "As the nation's K-12 schools consider the equipment and space requirements of tomorrow's classrooms, many of these institutions are also looking at how to pay for the new learning spaces.

Uhl said he's enthused by the thought of running a 21st century school with learning spaces that are loaded with instructional technologies and designed in a way that engages students and promotes collaboration. Turning that thought into reality could be challenging for Holy Rosary School, which is working with a 120-year-old facility and limited financial resources.

"We don't have wealthy parents or financial support from the community," said Uhl. "A lot of our students don't pay full tuition rates, so we're pretty strapped financially when it comes to purchasing new IT or upgrading existing equipment."

Holy Rosary School is one of many nationwide that has had to get creative on its path to the 21st Century classroom. In many rooms, for example, whiteboards were installed over existing chalkboards. And upon rolling out a 1:1 laptop program for 7th and 8th grade students this year, teachers quickly realized that existing desks no longer worked in the learning environment.

"We're finding that the desks are impractical for laptop use and looking for other options," said Uhl. To afford new desks and IT equipment like smart boards--which are currently being installed in some of the school's classrooms--Uhl said the institution often turns to foundations for help. "This is a 120-year-old school with a lot of history behind it," he said. "We're essentially a 'valuable charity' that foundations want to support."

Thank you to Bridget McCrea of THE Journal for writing about Juan Diego Academy at Holy Rosary School of Tacoma.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Blurb in Seattle Prep's "Building Our Future" Campaign Newsletter

Aw shucks. It's enought to make a girl blush.

But truly, Seattle Prep has played a huge role in my life. From career to family, Prep's been a significant part.  This campaign will help more students get financial assistance plus make improvements to the campus that are critical.  I'm excited to be a part of it.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

We're Celebrating Today's Coverage for Chefs McCracken & Tough's Cocktails by Philip Thompson Being Splashed all Over the Wall Street Journal

Why yes those are the lovely Frisky Dingo and Ruby Peach cocktails by The Coterie Room's Philip Thompson in today's Wall Street Journal Off Duty article by Kevin Sintumuang.  We couldn't be more thrilled.  The Journal's test kitchen adored the drinks and describes them in glowing terms. And the photos?  Just as mouthwatering and lovely as the showcased drinks themselves.  Click the link to read the story and nab the recipes to make the cocktails at home this summer.  Thank you Wall Street Journal!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Puppies and Prints: New Business at The Spellman Co. in July

Our newest clients are in categories close to our heart: animals and design.  We're excited to get started.

What patterns and prints make you weak kneed these days?  (Just wait 'til you see what our designer/artist client is rolling out.)

And as far as your pets, what qualities do you look for in a vet and what services in their clinic?  (Warm and knowledgable with an honest attitude and an up-front estimate on costs of treatments?  Well, you'll be in luck.)

Above, a playful mashup of prints on a bathing suit spotted in Marie Claire magazine.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chefs McCracken & Tough Tapped by Food & Wine Magazine in Their Trendspotting Article, July issue

School’s Out in Seattle: What Will We SEE with Our Sons This Summer?

Our boys 2005. Squint! Note our older son isn't yet in his Transition
lenses which made summer so much more comfy. Photo by Jim Stoffer.  

Today’s the grand finale for our First and Sixth grade boys. Half day. Yearbooks. Much whooping. And a trip to the local BBQ joint, Rainin’ Ribs, for lunch. Summer has arrived: a fact seemingly belied by the grey clouds hugging Western WA, North Face parkas at swim meets, and Ugg boots still being sported by the grade school set.

We have a lot to see during the Summer of 2012. This is the first summer in years that our two kids won’t be opossums in the sun— whenever it does finally arrive. Years’ past we’ve done dilating drops and patching for their amblyopia and vision problems. That made outdoor soccer camps at View Ridge, even a walk on the beach at Golden Gardens, an uncomfortably bright excursion.

But it was worth it. Both vision therapies have tremendously helped each of their vision. (Shout out to Dr. Janet Barrall for her surgical skill and ability to prescribe glasses for, yes, even a three month old!) Now the pre-teen’s graduated to contact lenses most days and the soon to be second grader sports some pretty sweet and sporty Nike frames.

Now that our boys are older we don’t get the questions like, “How did you know your baby needed glasses?” It used to be that when we went to Snohomish Kla Ha Ya Days (a favorite, small-town festival we look forward to each summer and can’t wait to visit this July, with the sparkling sunlight on the river and the firefighter hose battle’s blinding spray from above)… or a concert at the fair (this year our country music loving boys have picked Jake Owen in August at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe)… we’d be stopped on the street. “They look like little Harry Potters.” (Answer: Oh, why thank you!) “Look at those teeny, tiny glasses. How did you know he needed them?” (Answer: We didn’t… the doctor did. Shout out #2 for Dr. Janet Barrall!)

But despite the fact that our little family of four is now left in peace while enjoying some of Seattle’s best sights (this summer we’re tackling geocaching as a family sport) I’m still on a personal mission to educate fellow parents about the importance of healthy vision and how to look for signs that your kid may need some help. This weekend at the Washington Brewer’s Festival (can I get a woop woop for all things hoppy!) Transitions lenses, partnering with Pearl Vision, is offering free eye exams at their “Official Sponsor of Sightseeing” booth. What a great Father’s Day weekend outing. Head to the beer-lover-mecca, score a complementary vision screening, and get ready to start your summer off right with a goal of seeing more of what’s around us here in the gorgeous Puget Sound.

- Kat (mom to two amazing kids who are blind as bats like
their dad and me)

I received compensation to participate in a SocialMoms and Transitions lenses blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.  And to check out the cool photo of the day contest visit here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunset Magazine Showcases Brunch at The Coterie Room in the June Issue

Chefs McCracken and Tough's gorgeous restaurant The Coterie Room has been singled-out as one of the best spots in town for a glorious brunch.  Tourists and locals, take note.

Sophie Egan wrote about five Wild Bites you shouldn't miss in Seattle come brunch time and swooned over the Chefs' Smoked King Crab, Cracklins dipped in a "creamy, earthy" Truffle Fondue, and the glamorous chandelier lit room with its lush living wall of greenery we were thrilled to just have gotten showcased on

Thank you Sunset for recognizing The Coterie Room.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hanna Raskin of the Seattle Weekly Creates Her List of Ten Best Drink Menus in Seattle. Tavern Law Included.

photo by Kristin Zwiers
The menu is "encyclopedic" as Providence Cicero once wrote.  And the bartenders are "bookish" about their work.  End result?  One of the very best drink menus in the country and the world according to many. 

And now Tavern Law has made it onto the Seattle Weekly's Top Ten in the city list: "Tavern Law makes a point of searching out old, dead, lost, and forgotten mixed drinks and bringing them back to life in as close to their original incarnations as possible, sourcing all manner of super-artisan or ridiculously small-batch liquors and mixers and making everything else from scratch. The resulting drinks are not only some of the best you've ever tasted, but inarguable proof that dedicated, bookish bartenders can be just as creative and artistic as the greatest chefs out there. And also that your great-grandma really knew how to party."

With the sidewalk patio now open, it's an excellent time to go try a new drink on Seattle's Capitol Hill.  Congrats to the team at Tavern Law.  And thank you Ms. Raskin.

Woodinville Whiskey Co. Mashbill No. 9 Bourbon Arrives This Saturday: Read More in These Stories

Thanks to AJ Rathbun for his story: "On the 19th of May, those fine folks at the Woodinville Whiskey Company are releasing their “Mash Bill No.9” bourbon at noon on the old fashioned dot. They’re gonna have sandwiches, good cheer, and hopefully some whiskey songs sung in the round. But most of the all, it’s bourbon on a “get it while you can” availability, so, well, get it while you can. If you need more to grab you, you’re probably a bit daffy. But I’m here to help all, so as one final enticement, a quote from owner Brett Carlile (who owns along with Orlin Sorensen): “As we narrowed down our final selection, one had just the right combination of corn, rye and malted barley — and that’s how ‘Mash Bill No. 9’ was born; it was our ninth recipe.” Yeah, boy."

Seattle Met magazine gave some advance buzz of the "the unveiling of its signature bourbon whiskey, Mash Bill No. 9. – the newest addition to the company’s microbarreled collection" too. (Thank you Allecia!) 

Saturday at noon folks.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seattle Times and Seattleite Preview Whim W’Him

The hottest ticket in town this weekend? The premiere of Whim W’him’s “Approaching Ecstasy” promises to be a contemporary dance blockbuster with 40 vocalists and 5 instrumentalists performing together on-stage with Whim W’him’s 7 dancers at Intiman Theatre Friday through Sunday. If you missed Sunday’s Seattle Times, click here to read what Michael Upchurch had to say, or check out Seattleite’s “Culture Dose”. Tickets are available at while they last.

Rehearsal Photo:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

KOMO News Seattle Reports on the New 100% Rye Whiskey Just Released by Woodinville Whiskey Co.

Anticipation!  The 100% Rye Whiskey has been bottled and is now available to fans of Woodinville Whiskey Co.  KOMO News reported on the day's release where whiskey lovers lined up the night before and camped in line for the 7am launch.  Thank you to Gary and the weekend news editors for covering the news.

HGTV Recognizes the Living Wall at The Coterie Room in Seattle as a Major Design Trend

The design gurus at HGTV reported on "modern traditions" in design, citing the vertical garden wall inside the dining room at Chefs McCracken and Tough's Seattle restaurant The Coterie Room.  Thank you Robert DiGiacomo of HGTV for including The Coterie Room (and Solterra Systems) in your design feature which can be read online here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Forbes Puts Woodinville Whiskey Co on Its List of Top Ten Whiskey Distilleries to Head Out and Discover First Hand

Planning your summer vacation?  Congratulations to Woodinville Whiskey for making it onto this Forbes list of distilleries to hit in the USA.  The editors combed through hundereds of spots and picked these ten they say not to miss if you are a whiskey lover.  Road trip!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Chefs McCracken & Tough Make Seattle Magazine's List of Leaders in the "Food Establishment" of Seattle

As two of the City's most "powerful players" they're described as: "Brian McCracken and Dana Tough. Chefs/owners.  Est.: 2008, when they opened Spur Gastropub. Because: In four short years, the chef duo has dabbled in molecular gastronomy (at Spur) and brought Seattle one of its finest speakeasy-inspired craft cocktail bars: Tavern Law. New projects: This year, they took over the corner that housed Restaurant Zoë for 12 years to open The Coterie Room, where gussied-up comfort food and carefully prepared classic cocktails rule. Employees: 72.".

Thank you Seattle magazine.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Healthy Habits? Plastic Surgery Practice Features Dr. Richard Baxter

“10 Things”, a great new feature in PSP’s April issue reveals the top ten things you should know about Richard Baxter, M.D. including his professional mantra, his healthiest habit and which cosmetic procedures he performs least often (and why). Click here to read the full story.

Thanks to Denise Mann, PSP’s editor for taking the time to interview Dr Baxter.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Allecia of Seattle Met Mag with a Rye Report on Woodinville Whiskey Co.

Thanks to Allecia for this buzz-building write up on the soon-to-be released 100% Rye Whiskey from our friends at Woodinville Whiskey Co.  It's a great story, certain to motivate even more whiskey lovers to join us in setting the alarm clocks, bundling up big time, and coming out on an early Saturday morn in a few weeks!

Photo above is what it looked like at 6 am back in November for the bourbon and American whiskey releases.!/woodinvillewhiskeyco

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whose Work is That? Page Through the New York Times and Catch a Glimpse of Seattle Stair & Design's Work

It's not often that you open up the pages of the New York Times and out pops gorgeous photos by Stuart Issett of your work. That's just what happened with Seattle Stair & Design whose craftspeople had a hand in those breathtaking stairs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

And the photo with that stool, that practically screams out "modern Northwest aesthetic"?  Indeed, it's one of theirs too.

Read Seattle Stair & Design's blog to learn more. In the meantime, we're toasting to the joys of happy little surprises like this.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 22 is World Water Day: Watch and Share This Video Please

Think about it, the water in our toilets is cleaner than the drinking water of nearly one billion people.

And on average, women walk 3.7 miles a day for water around the globe.

Watch this video with Matt Damon and Gary White and lend your voice to the cause, being championed by the good people over at
Here locally, look for the blue lit arches of the Pacific Science Center in support of World Water Day.

World Water Day started in 1993 by the United Nations. While different groups use it to highlight different impacts of water on this day, uses the entire week to lift up their mission: sustainable safe water access for the nearly a billion people currently without it. Their goal is to make this a reality in our lifetime.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dr. Richard Baxter Seattle DANCES Winner

Our favorite Renaissance doc proved once again that he’s a remarkable overachiever. Professionally Dr. Baxter is known as one of the leading plastic surgeon’s in the country, pioneering new techniques and technologies.

He’s an artist who sketches regularly, using his art education to inform the aesthetics of his surgery practice to achieve the natural look Northwesterners (and now others) prefer. He’s an anti-aging and beauty expert who travels the globe speaking about his book “Age Gets Better with Wine”, the go-to tome for those interested in the science behind the hype. He’s a foodie who was a finalist in Sunset Magazine’s recipe contest years ago for his turkey molé. And earlier this month Dr. Baxter added Argentinean tango dancer to his resume after winning the coveted Cyber Choice mirror ball trophy in Seattle’s version of “Dancing With The Stars” as a celebrity raising funds for Seattle’s chronically homeless through the annual Seattle Dances event. What’s next? We hesitate to ask; but we’ll be excited to find out.

Read about the event in Patti Payne’s recent article “Executives Dancing Up a Storm” in the Puget Sound Business Journal

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seattle Met Magazine Swoons Over Duck Eggs at The Coterie Room

Thank you to Seattle Met magazine for brunching at Chefs McCracken and Tough's The Coterie Room  restaurant  and including the duck egg delicacies in your story on the best new breakfasts in Seattle.

Monday, March 5, 2012

NBC Seattle KING 5 News Story on Juan Diego Academy Holy Rosary Tacoma, from Mild-Mayhem to Mellow. Quiet Lunches During Lent

We were delighted to have KING 5 reporter Eric Wilkinson join us in Tacoma at Juan Diego Academy this week. Wilkinson did lunch with us on Wednesday at this 120 year old school at the parish of Holy Rosary, for a day of indoor recess and a, let's just say "jovial buzz" of conversation.  Come Friday what this NBC reporter saw was an entirely different side of the entire student body.  Some might even call it... angelic.  Watch his report here.  It's pretty cute!

Imagine: quiet lunches on Fridays during Lent.  Parents of preschoolers who can't imagine their kids enjoying silent lunches during Lent 2013, but who are intrigued by the idea, should hop over to their website and get info on admissions for next year when the school officially rolls out its two way immersion, dual language program starting with pre-k and kindergarten learners. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

“The Cutting Edge”-Plastic Surgery for Dancers? Dr. Richar Baxter Quoted

What should a dancer consider before going under the knife or considering a cosmetic procedure? With expertise in dancers and athletes, Dr. Richard Baxter shares his insight in the March issue of Dance Teacher Magazine. Click here to read the online version of Nancy Wozny’s informative article:

Too Legit: Post Prohibition, Woodinville Whiskey Co. Bottles Delivered Legally to Above Ground Bar and a Seattle Icon

KOMO News snuck a snapshot of a deal going down this morning.  Their report: "In an event notable for its lack of Tommy guns, paddy wagons and Al Capone, the Space Needle received the state’s first private delivery of liquor since Prohibition.
The state's first private delivery of liquor since Prohibition goes down at the Space Needle

Thanks to November’s voter-approved initiative, Woodinville Whiskey Co’s distributor, Click Wholesale Distributing of Kent, was able to sell and deliver its shipment of the local distillery's Headlong White Dog Whiskey and Peabody Jones Vodka to the Needle at 9 a.m. this morning.

March 1 is the first day bars and restaurants in Washington can buy directly from distilleries since the state-run liquor system started in the 1930s.

But, the average drinker won’t be able to purchase alcohol from private retailers until June. So far, more than 800 stores have applied to sell liquor statewide."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Juan Diego Academy at Holy Rosary Tacoma School Gets Techy: KOMO ABC News Covers It

Washington state's soon getting its first ever two way immersion Catholic school.  The dual language school is launching next fall: the only of its kind, private or public, in Pierce and Thurston counties.  The 120 year old school has history.  If only its walls could talk...

Well, starting this month the school’s walls are getting some upgrades that literally will have the walls talking.

As Komo News reported (watch the story here) new Promethean active boards are being installed in the classrooms. Kindergarten teacher Amparo Farias is especially excited to introduce smart board technology into the curriculum the school is rolling out with all subjects taught in both Spanish and English to next year's pre-K and Kindergarten kids.

Applications for the first year of the program are due in at the end of March. Financial assistance is being awarded based on income. Families are encouraged to apply by then to make the first round of review.  Learn more here:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Spellman Co. on Zumiez' News

Read the Associated Press story on the latest news from client Zumiez.

Thanks to for Helping Spread the Word: Juan Diego Academy Holy Rosary Tacoma Announced

This online news site was kind enough to help us let Pierce County residents know that applications are now being accepted for the new Juan Diego Academy at Holy Rosary School.  Heads up parents of preschool and kindergarten aged kiddos!  Read it here.  Open to all, it's also a great private school for military families based at JBLM. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tacoma Mama: New Juan Diego Academy at Holy Rosary School of Tacoma. Applications due soon.

Tacoma Mama is helping let parents know that applications are streaming in from families interested in having their little ones learn in English and Spanish next fall.  Brains open up to all kinds of learning when exposed to two languages at an early age.