Monday, March 5, 2012

NBC Seattle KING 5 News Story on Juan Diego Academy Holy Rosary Tacoma, from Mild-Mayhem to Mellow. Quiet Lunches During Lent

We were delighted to have KING 5 reporter Eric Wilkinson join us in Tacoma at Juan Diego Academy this week. Wilkinson did lunch with us on Wednesday at this 120 year old school at the parish of Holy Rosary, for a day of indoor recess and a, let's just say "jovial buzz" of conversation.  Come Friday what this NBC reporter saw was an entirely different side of the entire student body.  Some might even call it... angelic.  Watch his report here.  It's pretty cute!

Imagine: quiet lunches on Fridays during Lent.  Parents of preschoolers who can't imagine their kids enjoying silent lunches during Lent 2013, but who are intrigued by the idea, should hop over to their website and get info on admissions for next year when the school officially rolls out its two way immersion, dual language program starting with pre-k and kindergarten learners. 

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