Friday, January 31, 2014

Instagram Co-Founder Picks Seattle's Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle as One of His Tech Essentials in This Week's Wall Street Journal

Talk about an incredible surprise!  Love it when the Wall Street Journal's photo editor gets in touch seeking a photo of your product because Mike Krieger of Instagram's included it in his must-have list of Tech Essentials. 

This was a case of unsolicited love from a loyal, creative customer who just so happens to have the ear of the editors of the WSJ Off Duty Section.  Check out how he uses the kettle beyond just coffee.  The article read:

"My Tech Essentials.  Instagram's Co-Founder Mike Krieger's Favorite Gadgets.  Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram, shares his favorite gadgets and apps for setting goals, brainstorming and keeping his house plants healthy.
"For my morning coffee-making ritual, I used to wait until the temperature of my water was exactly 192 degrees before doing my single-pour—yes, bordering on OCD. But this Bonavita lets you set a precise temperature and then holds the water at that temperature while you go about your morning. Someone told me that the neck is also great for watering plants, so I've tried that, too. Apparently plants like water that's slightly above room temperature. Anything to help keep them alive!""
The entire list of Krieger's essentials may be read here.  Congratulations to Espresso Supply, Bonavita and a big thanks to Mr. Krieger.   

Friday, January 10, 2014

The TODAY Show. The Editor of Epicurious, Nilou Motamed, Picks a Coffee Brewer from Seattle's Bonavita as One of the Best

Congratulations to Espresso Supply's Bonavita team for the outstanding press coverage yesterday.  Bonavita was on the TODAY show on Thursday in a segment on best kitchen appliances. editor Nilou Motamed showed the 8-cup Bonavita brewer with thermal carafe and, duly noted, that it brews "the perfect cup".  (A fact to which I can attest.)  

The category? "Splurge vs. Steal".  Bonavita's brewer was cited as a "Great Buy"-- an honor Cook's Illustrated bestowed on them as well as the Specialty Coffee Association.

Next up? We'd love to see Bonavita's own Roger Wittmann show folks how to brew.  TODAY Show in his future? Now that would be fun!

Congrats Bonavita and thank you to Nilou and the TODAY Show.  Watch the segment here.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gordon and Gretchen Raine and the Things They Love: 425 Magazine Taps the Designers and Owners of Gordon James Fine Diamonds about What Inspires Them

This jewelry box of a boutique in Bellevue, Gordon James Fine Diamonds, offers the Pacific Northwest's most rare, vast and gorgeous collection of diamonds anywhere in the region. Naturally the editors of 425 Magazine turned to the owners/designers to hear what they love, what they rely on and what inspires them.  A gorgeous golf divot tool to mark that hole-in-one perhaps?  Online link to the entire article coming soon.