Friday, January 10, 2014

The TODAY Show. The Editor of Epicurious, Nilou Motamed, Picks a Coffee Brewer from Seattle's Bonavita as One of the Best

Congratulations to Espresso Supply's Bonavita team for the outstanding press coverage yesterday.  Bonavita was on the TODAY show on Thursday in a segment on best kitchen appliances. editor Nilou Motamed showed the 8-cup Bonavita brewer with thermal carafe and, duly noted, that it brews "the perfect cup".  (A fact to which I can attest.)  

The category? "Splurge vs. Steal".  Bonavita's brewer was cited as a "Great Buy"-- an honor Cook's Illustrated bestowed on them as well as the Specialty Coffee Association.

Next up? We'd love to see Bonavita's own Roger Wittmann show folks how to brew.  TODAY Show in his future? Now that would be fun!

Congrats Bonavita and thank you to Nilou and the TODAY Show.  Watch the segment here.

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