Monday, June 29, 2009

Client Dr. Baxter Weighs-In on “Everything Bad That’s Good for You” with Elle magazine

We’re proud that Elle magazine turned to our client Dr. Richard Baxter as an expert for their “Everything Bad is Good for You” article on vices that are actually beneficial. Talk about an interesting topic. As a leading source on the connections between wine and healthy living and aging, Baxter was the perfect doc for this story. (He has a book coming out on the subject shortly, in fact, (Age Gets Better with Wine) so make sure and get on the wait list for an advanced copy at his website. After being mentioned by Elle mag, who knows if this first print run will run out quickly!

In the Elle article, Jeryl Brunner wrote, “In Vino Veritas: We don’t have to convince you of wine’s pesky social side effects—you can check your text-message outbox for unsettling evidence of last night’s debauchery. But when it comes to various health benefits, oenophiles are in luck. “The resveratrol found in wine is a powerful antioxidant that is stronger than antioxidant vitamins,” says Richard Baxter, MD, a physician and author of Age Gets Better with Wine, out this summer. And in The Red Wine Diet, scientist Roger Corder reveals that certain red wines, especially from southwest France, are more beneficial for living a longer, healthy life. Wines made from the tannat grape there have the highest levels of procyanidins (responsible for keeping blood vessels clear and preventing heart disease) than any another wine in the world.“

To read the entire article which delves into other vices like tapping into adrenaline, video games, lack of sleep and more visit at

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