Friday, January 21, 2011

Great Ink for Spur: Wall Street Journal on January 22 Showcases Marley's Cocktail in Terrific Article

Love, love, love it when talent's recognized, not to mention splashed across the pages of the Wall Street Journal's terrific new Off Duty section with 2.061+ million readers! Chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough's Spur Gastropub here in Seattle is in an article on low alcohol libations by Kevin Suntumuang (who many will remember from his days at GQ magazine). Three cocktails "from some of America's best bartenders" are showcased with a breathtaking, mouth watering photo by F. Martin Ramin. Chicago and San Francisco have the other two bartenders with drinks lauded too, while Spur's own lovely and talented Marley Tomic-Beard has her Marylebone High cocktail looking elegant with a jauntily graphic sage garnish.

Congratulatons to Marley and Chef/Owners Dana and Brian- with a thank you to Mr. Suntumuang and Spur's Anne Magoon for this. We're thrilled. Cheers everyone!

Click blog title above to read the whole piece and get the recipe for making yours at home. (Or just come by Spur and have Marley make you one. They're, as Kevin calls them, "a cross between a Pimm's Cup and a mojito" where "the sage and lime play nicely off the liqueur's distinctive sweetness.")

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