Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mulberry West is a New Natural Bedding Line of Cotton Blankets & Comforters Filled with Top Line Mulberry Silk

Thrilled to be collaborating with my former in-house marketing cohort at Starbucks, Lana Abrams, to help her launch her new product line of bedding called Mulberry West. Lana's taken years to find the absolute best mulberry-grade silk to fill her blankets and comforters.
(None of that smelly low grade silk here-- we're talking gorgeous silk threads nestled inside 300 count cotton. What's the big deal? The silk is naturally dust, mildew and pest resistant ((take THAT bed bugs!!)) plus naturally regulates body temperatures for warm and cold climates, hot flashes from menopause, or swingin' hormones caused by pregnancy. And because it's a naturally woven fiber that makes a soft netting of cush inside the blankets and duvets, it doesn't shift around like goose down does.)

Click on blog title above to view the Mulberry West website and do head on over to friend us on Facebook and Twitter.
Stay tuned to hear: (1) who we secure as our first retail accounts (and send ideas my way) (2) plus to watch a pretty cool video of those nasty little bed bugs facing some of our bedding. Spoiler alert: you may never be able to sleep with down again.
Thanks for the opportunity Lana!
Photo by Kristin Zwiers.

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