Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tavern Law's Secret Spot Makes Worth Mag's List of the World's Top Ten (secret) Spots

The other month writer Claire Willett with Worth magazine was working on a round-up of the world's best secret hideaways for outstanding service, drinks and cuisine... plus a memorable experience for the night. And now the February / March issue has hit newstands. What a huge honor to have Chef/Owners' Brian McCracken and Dana Tough's private upstairs of Tavern Law lauded as one of the world's very best. Worth's readers are discerning high net individuals who will take this as a guide on where to visit next.

Thank you to Claire who wrote, “Walt Disney holed away with Hollywood bigwigs at Club 33. Parisian cinephiles built a cinema beneath the Trocadéro. International artists create forever hidden work in abandoned New York subway tunnels. Man’s fascination with the clandestine is strong. Today, secret places are more likely to be luxe and exclusive than dangerous or debauched. The following 10 have the additional bonus—and challenge—of being rather difficult to find. Something hidden this way lies..."

From London to South America, Sydney to Hong Kong, and straight to us here in Seattle— check out this great story on where to travel around the globe for a bit of hidden pleasure.

Photo of Nathan Weber by Bob Peterson.

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