Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Line of Bedding that Bed Bugs and Hot Flashes Hate: Mulberry West on NBC's San Antonio Living News Today

Mulberry West is launching a line of bedding that bed bugs hate and sleepers love. Its natural silk properties regulate a body's temperature, whether one runs hot or cold, plus there's something in it called Sericin that bed bugs really disdain (and that's inhospitable to dust mites too). Top it all off by a pure white hue that's so, so soft (nestled in 300 count cotton).

Take a look at our first media hit by clicking on blog title above: nearly five minutes on the Mulberry West collection from fabulous shop owner Cathy Haffner of Giorgio Gifts.

Thank you Cathy and WOAI TV! www.mulberrywest.net

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