Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Shopping Network Blows Through Rosanna Product During Her Live Appearance

The Puget Sound Business Journal's Patti Payne recently splashed Rosanna Bowles lovely pic across her pages, following the tableware designer's most recent appearance on HSN. And once again, Patti was the one to break the news.

Rosanna became the first Seattleite to be featured on HSN’s “12 Days of Christmas” TV special and Patti helped capture the moment in her column in the PSBJ on December 12th with a gorgeous photo of Rosanna on HSN’s set in Florida.

Patti wrote, “Rosanna, on the air. Rosanna Bowles keeps scoring hits with shoppers on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Bowles, who owns Rosanna Inc., an international tableware business she started in her Montlake bungalow in Seattle more than two decades ago, was featured selling her teapot-and-cup sets as one of HSN’s 12 days of Christmas sales push. This product is part of a 20-foot container full of Christmas creations that Bowles shipped to HSN earlier in the year.”

Thanks Patti for all you do.

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