Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feb 9: Bubbly, Braiden and O List Fave Theo Chocolates with Reds from Ste Michelle

After an end-of-week glass of bubbly Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Moscato Frizzante at the club on Friday, we were thrilled to see it as the inaugural sip of what looks to be a fabulous afternoon on Feb 9th (1-3 pm). Our client Molbak's has rounded-up a delish group of enticements (O List honoree Theo Chocolates included) for their foodie, wine and chocolate event. Seating's limited to 35 and the class is already half full before being publicized, so call soon if you're interested. We're starting a "wait list" with fingers crossed that we can squeeze in another if all parties are open!

The details: Sip, Listen, Taste and Sip Again. 1-3 pm on Molbak's event stage. $45 per person. Pre-register by calling 425.398.5151.

1:00: Start off by sipping aforementioned Frizzante sparkling wine.

1:15 - 1:45: Foodie/writer Braiden Rex-Johnson will offer a glimpse into her latest book Pacific Northwest Wining and Dining, touted as a "love letter to the Northwest". Guests receive copies of the book and get to mingle with Braiden. (Did we mention we love her?)

1:45 - 3:00: A guided tasting of Ste. Michelle wines paired with Theo Chocolates. Specifically 2004 Canoe Ridge Merlot with Theo's Madagascar 65% dark chocolate; 2004 Ethos Reserve Cabernet with Theo-blended-cocoa Ghana/Panama/Ecuador, 75% dark chocolate; and 2005 Canoe Ridge Cabernet (NEW RELEASE) with Theo's Ghana 84% dark chocolate. (Congrats Theo on making this month's O List in Oprah's magazine. We're still reveling in our client Rosanna Bowle's July stint there. See the top item here if you never saw Rosanna's hit:

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