Monday, May 19, 2008

Dress Shop Owner and Mom Has a Terrific System in Place

At Work at Home: Housing choices allow Eastside professionals to live more efficiently
-by Suzanne Monson, Contributing Writer, the Seattle Times

In Sunday's Eastside Living section article about home offices, writer Monson interviewed our client Su Choi of Voletta Couture. Monson wrote, “With an eye on efficiency, the environment and the clock, working from home isn’t just smart business. It’s smart living.” Saving time on commuting was one advantage discussed. “That was the driving force for Su Choi, owner of downtown Bellevue’s Voletta Couture and mother of three children—all under the age of 7. Choi designed an at-home office into her new Clyde Hill home so she could balance her client’s needs with those of her family.

'I couldn’t run a business if I didn’t have an office at home,' says Choi, whose chic boutique offers cocktail, evening and bridal dresses by the world’s top designers, straight from high-fashion runways.

'I work from home four to five hours a day instead of driving back and forth between home and the stores,' says Choi. 'As soon as my kids get home, I can’t really go back to work, so after we clean up from dinner, read with them and make sure they do their homework, I can finish up my own work once they’re asleep.'”

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