Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kaufman's Holy Sh*t Response to Our Client Spur

The Seattle Weekly's Jonathan Kaufman reviewed Spur today, stating:

"I had a holy-shit response to much of Spur's food, both in terms of presentation and flavors. McCracken, the owner, met up with Tough working under Maria Hines at Earth & Ocean, and the two have worked in a number of Seattle restaurants. But here they're looking to New York and Spain as well as local farms and waters for inspiration, and trying food that Tough calls "risky." They keep the menu small, they play hard, and they're not afraid of diving into trends."

To read Jonathan's entire review visit the Weekly's website or the Spur Blog

Thanks Jonathan!


Hair Farmer Joe said...

It sure looks like there's been a lot of nice reviews on Spur ...

Kat Spellman. The Spellman Company. Marketing and PR. said...

Thanks Joe. Hope you let us know what you think of Spur soon.