Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jeffrey T. Spellman, location expert featured in LA Times travel article

Way to go, bro!

This week's Los Angeles Times Travel section featured an article, and as part of their "Ultimate Guide to California", on the top spots shot in televsion shows and films in the L.A. area. As one of the industry's leading location managers for over twenty years Jeffrey T. Spellman has been exploring the City of Angel's back alleys and beaches for those perfect spots to shoot for decades.

It read in part, "Jeffrey T. Spellman, a location manager for CBS' " Criminal Minds," says, "The Internet has sped this process up a bit and helps when you first start thinking about shooting. It used to be a lot of just driving around getting to know everything. I still do a lot of driving, though. The beauty of L.A. is that it's always changing. The big thing is trying to mask the palm trees."

This article by Whitney Friedlander offers a behind-the-scenes mapping of the area's most filmed locales, including many used, featured and highlighted by Jeffrey over the years. Film buffs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffs, and film-lovers alike should enjoy this article.

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