Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kat Spellman sounds off in this month’s Seattle magazine

I just can’t stand by while folks play the game of buy-wear-and return… treating retailers who have generous return policies, like Nordstrom, as their own personal free wardrobe supplier. August’s Letter to the Editor section of Seattle magazine includes a sidebar discussion in response to the May article “Recession Diet”. I'm quoted.

The article touched on trends like: touting your own flask to a bar with friends and surreptitiously sipping from it, instead of paying for drinks there (don’t get me started on that one); nanny sharing (an idea I embrace if the nanny knows up front, is fairly compensated, and isn’t saddled with a bad kid-to-nanny ratio) , and the longstanding trend by gals I disdain (you know who you are) of buying an outfit, tuckin’ in the tag, and wearing it out on the town… only to return it to the store for full money back the next day saying, “It just really didn’t fit…” Ughh.

In this month’s issue Seattle mag included my reply to this piece: “The idea of abusing Nordstrom's return policy was utterly shameful to Kat Spellman of Seattle. ‘WOW. Shame on Dionne and her pride in her wear-and-return policy of buying items,’ Spellman said."

Photo from Seattle magazine. Click on blog title above to read Karen Johnson’s entire article, Recession Diet. Can't wait to hear what you all think!

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