Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Writer Rebekah Denn examines Twitter in the food world

This month's Seattle magazine features a great article by Rebekah Denn: "SHORT ORDER REVIEWS: In Seattle where restaurants, chefs and food are topics discussed and debated with more fervor than politics, Twitter is giving foodies inside access to the conversation, 140 characters at a time."

Denn included me in the mix, writing, "Twitter followers must determine which sources they consider reliable, rather than rely on gate-keeping editors. And that reliability is harder to judge due to the fact that every Twitterer has an agenda— or sometimes, several.

Kat Spellman, publicist for Spur Gastropub, finds Twitter a valuable business tool, learning immediately, for instance , when (Ruth) Reichl (Gourmet magazine’s editor) ate at Spur. But she also follows luminaries she admires on Twitter, such as Mark Bittman of The New York Times. She was thrilled when she tweeted Bittman to compliment him on his chocolate soufflĂ© and he replied.

The self promotion that’s clearly a top agenda item for some is only effective when done in a low-key style…"

As a Twitterer who enjoys wearing multiple hats online, I'm honored to be included and even more thrilled to be recognized for rocking a "low key style". Love it!

Thanks for the opportunity Rebekah. Illustration for Seattle magazine by Ken Orvidas.


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