Thursday, September 10, 2009

calling all women with great inventions

We're excited to be partnering with a smart Pacific Northwest gal, Melinda Knight, who traveled to Chicago recently, getting up the nerve to audition her invention for Kelly Ripa's new TLC show about women inventors and their creations. Melinda's invention? A tray that'll hold your laptop while you're multitasking on a recumbent bike at the gym. She practically turned herself into a human pretzel getting a prototype made for the open call.

Her audition? It went great but alas she wasn't chosen as a finalist to compete on the new show. But here's the upside. While waiting in line in Chicago, Melinda met a bevy of other inventive gals with cool creations-- all who needed the venue to sell them and the marketing know-how to really launch with a splash. Seeing a hole in the e-commerce world, where it's typically either arts-and-crafty Etsy or corporate-giant Amazon, Melinda is launching a new e-commerce site in late October made expressly for such inventors and the kind of women who want to shop for stuff made especially for them.
The eshopping site? Take a look at her pre-launch blog and let us know if you or a pal have an invention we should be showcasing and selling. We can't wait to see what you've got gals!

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