Friday, December 18, 2009

Truly Madly Sweetly: a look at 2010's trends

One of this year's best treats has been The Spellman Company's collaboration with Lifestyle Insights, an independent agency specializing in consumer insights, trend analysis, research and content for the MOMMY TO MAVEN™ market. Under the leadership of Robin Avni this select group of savvy lifestyle experts focuses on how real women live, make choices and craft their worlds... helping companies dialogue with their consumers in honest and authentic voices.

Robin's named 10 Insights for 2010 and it was a pleasure to co-author Trend #7, in the category of Celebrations:

"AFTER A YEAR OF GOOD BEHAVIOR, WE’RE RELEASED from the constraints of humble and serious. Call it Cabin Fever if you must, but following a year of hunkering down, women are looking for new ways to celebrate in a manner that’s true and authentic, crazy-mad with passion, plus sweetly meaningful and memorable.
Austerity trumped fun at most parties last year, with everyone reigning in any obviously extravagant spending, and many forgoing big celebrations, even brides postponing nuptials. In 2010 we’re seeing a bit of clemency granted for the festive-focused party-goer, as well as the party-giver.
This isn’t to say we’ll see a backlash of the last year’s woes and enter a 2010 of drunken revelry and can-you-top-this celebrations. Not at all. Rather, we’ll witness a general renewed interest in special touches for entertaining at home, with a focus on more intimate gatherings. At dinners for four, six or eight, hostesses will infuse get-togethers with a distinct personal touch.
As with every year, good food and drink will remain the core component of any celebration. But watch as diverse dishes — Indian curries, Latin-inspired stews, even the humble brisket — infuse the more formal dinner-party menu, and the comfy items — finger foods, soups and barbecue — provide fuel for potlucks in the park, or on the couch for a night of video-gaming.
The Food Network and the soon-to-be-launched Cooking Channel will continue to inspire culinary creativity and a can-do attitude. After all, the cookie swaps, potlucks or corporate cooking events all share the same common goal — let’s eat!"

To get a glimpse into the other nine trends, make sure and read Avni's blog and visit the website. Click the blog title above.

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