Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nearly 3.5 million Family Circle magazine readers get the news about Rosanna's new book

We love collaborating with the accomplished international houseware designer Rosanna Bowles who started her successful dishware company in Seattle in 1982 and since then has racked-up awards and honors, plus seen her dishes carried and covered around the globe, everywhere from the gift shop at Buckingham Palace to Oprah's "O List" (twice thus far, but whose counting).

Her debut book, Coming Home, is a guide to recapturing and reestablishing a soulful life. In it, Rosanna's sharing an inspiring compilation of recipes, design tips, experiences, and life lessons that highlight the beauty and significance of tradition and ritual. Th ebook's published by Stewart Tabori & Chang/ Abrams and is hitting shelves next week.

And, look at this, Family Circle mag has already run an excerpt on it. Hurrah!