Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dr. Baxter: One of the Nation's First Docs to Offer Liposonix

Gilt City is spotlighting Dr. Baxter today and the new noninvasive procedure Liposonix which Dr. Oz talked about on his show the other day.

"New, noninvasive technology is giving you the opportunity to slim down fast: Seattle-based plastic surgeon Dr. Richard A. Baxter served as a founding member of the medical advisory board of the company that developed the Liposonix treatment. The results of this newest generation of technology have been approved by the FDA—and by Dr. Baxter.
Gilt City members looking to drop a dress size from their frame are invited to try Liposonix from one of the doctors who know it best. After a consultation in which you’re evaluated for eligibility, you’ll have an hour-long Liposonix treatment, followed up by three 15-minute appointments to track your progress as the fat tissue destroyed by the ultrasound energy is slowly shed through natural processes. Measurements and photos will show you the difference—and the average loss is one inch at the waistline."

Photo from GiltCity.  Offer today for 40% off procedure to qualified candidates.

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