Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Seattle Times Story on How One Entrepreneur Had His Identity Stolen and Got Idea for New Business: The Shred Stop in Washington and Oregon

Reporter Sarah Elson's article in the Seattle Times today on Stephen Hershman's business The Shred Stop states, "ID theft leads to idea for shredding kiosks: Document-shredding kiosks are joining Coinstar and Redbox at local grocery stores."

It's not every day you dive, chin-deep into a pile of paper to tell your story.  Hershman was a good sport for this photo by Mark Harrison of the Seattle Times: "Shred Stop founder Stephen Hershman, posing in a bin of shredded paper, has created a business based on document shredding, placing shredder kiosks in grocery stores for use by consumers and small-business owners."

Thanks to Elson and Harrison for this great article.  Read it here.  And for scoping out where The Shred Stop nearest you is, visit www.TheShredStop.com.

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