Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Woodinville Whiskey Co.'s New Distillery: Allecia Vermillion of Seattle Met Tells Us About the New Project at Hollywood Tavern

Thanks to Allecia for a terrific article on the new distillery, just down the road, that Woodinville Whiskey Co.'s opening later this fall.  Seattle Met describes the project: "We’ve long known that Woodinville’s Hollywood Tavern is getting a makeover as a cheeseburger-and-whiskey-fueled restaurant courtesy of Joshua Henderson. But here's the lowdown on the whiskey component. And it's a big one.
Woodinville Whiskey Co., one of the biggest, most established players in the state's young distillery culture, is moving its operations to a new complex being built around the historic tavern, which previously lived a long life under the name Mabel’s. The plan: Preserve the original tavern, which long predates the wine culture that has sprung up around it, but make it part of a destination that fuses whiskey, dining, and a killer patio where you can play cornhole.

The new distillery will be four times the size of the original. Cofounder Orlin Sorensen says a new still will arrive in October from Germany; the 1,320-gallon pot still will be one of the largest in the western United States.

Sorensen and cofounder Brett Carlile grew up in the area; Sorensen has fond memories of the tavern, from having to keep his distance as a minor to enjoying a Pabst or two inside when he came age: “It was so unique, this little bar right between Ste. Michelle and Columbia and Redhook,” he recalls. So when developer Point 32 (also behind the Bullitt Center) approached the guys, they loved the idea of moving their business to the tavern site. And in the intervening two years, the distillery grew to a point where it actually needed more spacious digs.

The new Woodinville Whiskey will offer tours three times a day, says Sorensen, and the distillery is designed to be highly interactive; visitors can even step onto the production floor, surrounded by corn cooking and barrels being filled." 

Point 32 (Bullett Center sound familiar?) is the developer. Henderson's named Chef Angie Roberts as the Hollywood Tavern's Chef (there will be soft serve ice cream) and the drink list's being dreamed up by Maggie Savarino.  Scoot over here to read the entire story.  You need to hear if Joshua's keeping cheap beer on the menu, after all. 

(Thanks Allecia from Lesa Linster and all of us!)

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