Thursday, March 6, 2008

It’s Contagious: a web community where folks talk health, tell their stories and offer info for action

Been so giddy about anything lately that you startle awake at night to happily jot notes and mull major ideas? After a meeting with the masterminds behind Trusera I did.

A while back, former exec Keith Schorsch took some well-earned and scheduled time off to be with his family, after intense stints as early-early day veteran of companies like McCaw and Amazon. His year-off for relaxation included an unnoticed bite by a deer tick back East, sending him into an undiagnosed spiral of major health problems.

11 doctors later and with near-deadly results, Keith was still undiagnosed. Through his circle of friends, Keith reached-out broadly to investigate and research his symptoms. A friend-of-a-friend immediately recognized Keith’s symptoms and emailed him suggesting they were possible indications of Lyme Disease: something more prevalent on the East Coast than back here. By sharing his story, and actively asking questions, Keith’s life was quite literally saved.

A long road to recovery he’s still traveling, we’re thrilled to have spent some time this past week working with Keith’s newest “baby”, Trusera. This meaningful new online community is geared to launch this Summer. Its philosophy is that “much of the work of being well and staying well is through relevant and credible personal knowledge”. (Thanks for that succinct description, Jude!). Trusera’s poised to be a network where people can share, explore and act on information.

By invitation, people with their stories are gathering on Trusera’s open beta community now, with an already impressive representation from folks interested in sharing experiences on Autism and very soon, Breast Cancer. If you’re like us and would enjoy being invited to be one of the founding members of this great new community— before it launches to the actual public this Summer— let us know. We’d be happy to get an invitation to you. Just send us an email.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll take a visit to their current site under construction to get a feel for what Trusera will be. Hear Keith’s stories and see more. His username’s storyguy. It’s pretty powerful.

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