Monday, February 16, 2009

In today’s paper: Couple’s networking site harnesses the power of shared medical experiences

Journalist Cecelia Goodnow penned a feature for today’s Seattle Post Intelligencer that gives an accurate and engaging account of Health 2.0 and, most importantly in our eyes, how Keith and Jennifer Schorsch took a nightmare of a health journey and turned it into a dream of an online community and resource: Trusera. To read the feature, including its informative sidebar featuring industry expert Jane Serisohn Khan, visit the PI website. Comment there in a show of support for Goodnow’s great research and writing.

And, if you haven’t checked them out already, what exactly is this Trusera you’ve heard me talk so much about? As LinkedIn’s founder recently explained the online communities: MySpace is the bar, Facebook the backyard barbecue, and LinkedIn the office. So where’s that leave Trusera? In my eyes, it’s the kind of waiting room at a doctor’s office you’ve always wanted— germ free and friendly… where folks like you, facing similar health challenges, chat and exchange valuable insights and resources in a warm, engaging manner. Stop by!

Photo credit: Jennifer and Keith Schorsch by Meryl Schenker for the PI

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