Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ten million plus, read about our client Keith Schorsch and Trusera in Men's Health magazine's Best Life

We’re proud. 10 million readers of one of the industry’s strongest performing magazines, Best Life by Men’s Health, are getting an insider’s look at our client Keith Schorsch of Trusera’s tips and strategies for a healthier life through healthier eating. In her timely article on spending less and eating better, writer Anne Kadet interviewed Schorsch to learn what he and wife Jennifer do to live the kind of life where healthy eats inspire healthier habits and families.

In the February Men’s Health issue, Schorsch tells about his comeback from Lyme Disease… the very health challenge which led him to launch the powerfully intuitive and warm online community and health resource, Trusera. Kadet’s article details how Keith and wife Jennifer spend more time with their boys while relying on a “strategy for maximizing nutrition while minimizing time in the produce aisle.”

It’s a great read for those of us looking for ways to cut costs, save time, and eat better.

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