Monday, November 10, 2008

13th Anniversary of Double Black Stout: Or a Story of How a PR Agency was Formed and Fueled by a Really Great Stout

You know, I'm thinking the brewers over at Redhook Brewery must have tuned-into their wiretap to my office the other week. 13 years ago I wrapped-up my final project in-house at Starbucks before rolling up my sleeves to start this agency. My final hurrah as in-house PR gal at SBUX? The co-launch of Redhook and Starbucks' Double Black Stout beer... a delicious way to exit a fabulous company and launch an equally rewarding one.

Memorable moment from the 1995 launch? Tom Douglas' recipe for Starbucks Double Stout Brownies which he created for the beer's launch. I've lost track of that recipe somewhere in my old archives but, trust me, it was a divine one.

The Seattle PI's Geoff Kaiser wrote today on his "What's On Tap" beer blog about the re-launch of Double Back Stout. It's now brewed with Lighthouse Roasters coffee, not Starbucks.

I'm looking forward to a tasting. Am thinking of saving it for the viewing of Top Chef's season premier Wednesday night. Cheers!

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