Monday, November 10, 2008

Keith Schorsch, CEO of Trusera, Tells His Story to Jason Brooks on KIRO Radio and

Go to Jason Brooks' page on to hear the interview he did with Trusera's Keith Schorsch. It's a great overview of why the Trusera community has been formed and how it's poised for the future. Keith's personal health journey plays a big part.

About Brooks' CEO Spotlights: "Seattle is home to one of the most diverse and exciting business communities in the world. Each week, Jason talks to the people responsible for leading these groundbreaking businesses. Find out their secrets to success, and plans for the future."

KIRO about Trusera: "You can find just about anything online these days, but what if you've an illness confounding doctors? In this week's CEO Spotlight KIRO Money Editor Jason Brooks reports a Seattle businessman has drawn on his own experience to help others find answers."

To listen to the interview, go midway down Jason's page on the KIRO/MyNorthwest website and click on the Trusera logo/link in the right-hand column under "CEO Spotlight" features.

Thanks Jason for the terrific story.

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