Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Swoops into Seattle and picks our favorite shop Red Ticking to join in

Click blog title above to see one of our client Red Ticking’s great pieces available for sale on .

1stdibs is the world's most searched market place for antique and mid-century modern furniture. It covers Philadelphia, Atlanta, all of Texas, Houston, Dallas, and now Seattle. Red Ticking’s one of the first shops hand-selected to be part of this terrific online shopping experience. Those of you who know our client Pamela Robinson recognize her exquisite taste. Point in case? This circa 1900 French piece is a bed canopy, known as a "ceil De Leit". Pam hooks us with her photos and description of this wonderfully rare piece found in the south of France and featuring truly exceptional carving.

Read Pam’s blog to learn more about her Madison Valley Shop and be certain to bookmark and browse it frequently.

We always knew Seattle was a design capitol!

Note to friends: my birthday’s in August if you’d like to snap this piece up for me. ;)

Photo of French Bed Canopy by Red Ticking.
Kudos Pam.

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