Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sauced: Spur Gastropub’s David Nelson stars in column

Writer Jessica Voelker of Seattle Metropolitan magazine profiled David in her Sauced column. Click blog title above to read the entire profile. Here's an excerpt:

"Behind the bar. Five Questions for the Bartender: David Nelson. Spur's tender-aged bar genius waxes philosophical about fortified wines and good hygiene.

David Nelson, the alarmingly young, intensely talented Bar and Restaurant Manager at Spur Gastropub, began his culinary career flipping burgers at Burger King. He first came to Seattle seven years ago to study philosophy at Seattle University, but found existential ease behind the bar at Ethan Stowell’s Union, where he worked from late 2003 to 2007. After stints at Campagne and now-defunct Marjorie, he opened Spur, in 2008, with chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough. Since then, Nelson’s sometimes foamy, sometimes fruit-muddled, always perfect cocktails have become known as some of the most innovative mixed drinks in town.
“My life is pretty much consumed with eating and drinking.” Says Nelson. “When I am not behind the bar I spend my time with my girlfriend, read philosophy books, or research spirits, wine, beer, and food. While it is true that we ‘eat to live,’ I believe that I live to eat and drink well."

Name three reasons you live in Seattle.
The awesome summer.
The people.
I love my job."

Photo of David Nelson by Barbie Hull for Spur. Voelker’s photo caption reads: “Nice tats. David Nelson shows off some arm art along with La Rocio--an egg-white foam with red wine, lemon juice, sugar, tequila, and fruit.”

Thank you Jessica for a fun look at David who we adore.


Barbie Hull said...

David is the BEST bartender in town!!

Anonymous said...

We want more info on Dana and Brian's new place! Where, when, concept?

Kat Spellman. The Spellman Company. Marketing and PR. said...

Stephanie- as Tavern Law progresses you'll learn more on our blog We're also online before being open at Or join our email list by visiting our websites. Thanks!