Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough Awarded the Innovation Award Last Night

The Seattle Weekly brought the chefs on stage last night of the sparkly fun Paramount Theatre, to received the Innovation Award at the Voracious event. After plying 1,000 folks with their foie, the two scooted on stage to much applause. David and Phil from Tavern Law anchored the other side of the vast room, pouring cocktails for crowds of folks. Their spiced drink was so delicious. What a great night!

In addition to the big award, critic Sheehan also cited Spur as having the BEST DISH OF THE NIGHT at this crazy-big event with, we're talking, serious food. He wrote, "But the single best dish of the night? I gotta give it to the boys from Spur who came strong with tiny, beautiful little foie gras torchons, each about the size of a piece of Botan rice candy, set with a little brioche tuille handle and topped with a dab of rhubarb jelly and a shiso leaf which, together, looked like a cherry on top. The foie itself was silky and perfect, the texture like eating a mouthful of butter. And with a dash of rhubarb to cut the fattiness, it was as close to a single, perfect bite as anything I had last night. I was honestly stunned by how good it was."

Congratulations to Spur Gastropub and thank you to the Seattle Weekly.

Photo of the Seattle Weekly's Julien Perry and an incognito Jason Sheehan (I didn't catch him on film sans mask) on stage Wednesday night.

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