Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Life is Better Because: More Than Eight Minutes of Happiness Sharing in less Than 24hrs on Our Local NBC Affiliate

You all know about our clients and friends Cathy Haffner and Ginny Hutchinson, founders of the powerful global groundswell forming: Better Because. In the last week their story's gotten real traction with our friends in the media including KIRO's Jason Brooks and KING TV's evening news and morning news. What a great feeling to know that the media, oft tasked with reporting the negatives in our society, is open and hungry for stories of goodness.

Why do websites like F*** My Life get so much traffic and attention? Recent studies show negative words are way more catchy than positive ones. Defeated by such news and trends? NO WAY. Not these two pals, Ginny and Cathy decided to DO SOMETHING. They both have stories to tell like Cathy who went from being a baby in a bamboo hut in the Philippines, to rocking a Fortune 100 career, to ditching it all to launch a movement dedicated to inspiring positive action after seeing the terrifying impact of teen depression in her own daughter's life. The result? http://www.betterbecause.com/ in just a few weeks over 4,000 folks have friended us on Facebook and sent in their smiles and stories from around the GLOBE of what makes their life "better because of" today. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Better-Because/104319583705?ref=ts

This week's great news? In addition to all this wonderful media, Nordstrom just grabbed the duo's book to carry in their stores nationally and the University Bookstore, where we did a TV taping the other day, is carrying their line of merchandise too.

Thanks to all! We're better because of you.

Photo of Cathy and Ginny with KING 5's Carolyn Douglas by Kat.

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