Friday, October 30, 2009

Thanks to Providence for a Great Review of Tavern Law in Today's Seattle Times

Cicero's review is entitled: "Tavern Law salutes the glory days of American bartending and offers an alchemy of flavors both in the glass and on the plate". It reads in part, "Tavern Law isn't for those who drink to forget; it's the thinking drinker's watering hole. You get an inkling of that as you browse the drinks menu, an almost scholarly tome complete with glossary and historical notes. The bill of fare, on the other hand, isn't even printed. It's written in chalk and lists just eight plates. But don't for a minute think food is peripheral here, not with Brian McCracken and Dana Tough in the kitchen.
These creative young chefs dug their Spur into Belltown and galloped to national attention last year. Now they've opened Tavern Law in the restaurant thicket of Pike/Pine. Who should go? Hedonists (over 21 only), cerebral cocktailians and anyone who's ever wished they'd lived through America's first Gilded Age."

To read the entire mothwatering review, go to the Times website:

Photo of bartender Philip Thompson by the Seattle Times' Cliff Despeaux.

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Barbara said...

I just read the Times article and immediately thought - I have go there, now! Glad to see they are a client of yours.