Friday, October 30, 2009

Recession Trend: So Long Lipstick Effect, Hello Implant Index

Seattle’s Dr. Richard Baxter Shares New Economic Indicator

Dr. Richard Baxter, a nationally recognized cosmetic surgeon who’s just been named Favorite Plastic Surgeon in KING TV’s Best of Western Washington poll, has noticed a new trend: as the economy has shrunk, so has the size of breast implants. After years of edging ever larger, during the last year more women are choosing a full “B” cup. And no, smaller implants do not cost less. Prior to the recession, fewer than a third of Baxter’s clients chose a B cup. Now, about half are choosing a B. Baxter will continue to see how the "Implant Index" performs during the return to economic stability. If his index holds true, the “C” cup is where we want to be.

Today’s Puget Sound Business Journal breaks the full story in Patti Payne’s column: “A fleshy indicator-implants. Plastic surgeons say women opt for smaller enhancements during downturns... Women wanting breast implants are trending toward the smaller sizes. Why? Blame it on the economy. So says Dr. Richard Baxter, a Seattle cosmetic surgeon who has done thousands of breast implants and more, in his 20-plus years at Baxter Plastic Surgery

Baxter’s confidential client list contains some amazingly recognizable names, people who have turned to him for all types of plastic surgery. I say this with confidence because I know some of the people who rely on him to keep them perky — women and men.

Prior to the current recession, two thirds of Baxter’s breast-implant patients wanted to supersize. Now half are choosing a B cup. “Breasts were literally shrinking as our economy collapsed,” says one source who is close to the situation.

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